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Partner Webcast – Oracle on Serverless Computing: Developing FaaS with Oracle Fn Project

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

It is probably one of the most wrongly named idea in the world of IT (what do you mean ‘serverless’, there are no servers? Where should I run my code then?) which is quite likely to take the current and future cloud by storm.

The concept is simple – you don’t pay for cloud infrastructure (in fact you don’t care about IaaS at all, thus the confusing ‘serverless’), you rent it for each invocation of your business logic and immediately release after that so it can be used by someone else. This gives you massive scalability and absolutely no worries about picks and fluctuations in demand. What’s even more appealing businesswise - your bill is directly linked to your success (pay per invocation), no fixed or upfront costs. In fact, ‘serverless’ does not really equal FaaS (Function-as-a-Service), the latter being one of the propositions to solve the scalability and cost efficiency issues which still linger even in the modern cloud solutions. And here comes the catch - adopting FaaS is quite a brave architectural decision. You will need a platform which gets you there without falling into common pitfalls and makes you productive regardless of programming language you are skilled in.

FN: Container-Native Serverless Platform, the FnProject, is an open source, cloud agnostic, serverless platform by Oracle which aims to solve all the infancy issues of the FaaS. It is 100% portable, polyglot platform based on containers to deliver the same experience regardless of where the function is being deployed: on the developer’s laptop or in the huge production cluster in the cloud. One of its unique features is the FDK, especially Fn Flow API which provides elegant and functional way to compose functions (inspired by Java’s CompletionStage and CompletableFuture constructs).

In this webcast we will show how to get started with FnProject how to create and run functions both on your laptop and in the cloud. We will also shed some light on the future of the Oracle serverless computing platform which will be based on FnProject.


  • What is serverless and why it matters to your business?
  • Introduction to FaaS (and what will happen to my microservice architecture after adopting FaaS)
  • FnProject, basic facts and concepts
  • Demo – developing and running Fn functions
  • Oracle Functions, present and future of the Oracle Serverless Cloud offering
  • Wrap-up - Q&A


Lukasz Romaszewski - FMW and Cloud Specialist, Oracle Innovation and Modernization Center Poland

Delivery Format

This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web. Registrations received less than 24 hours prior to start time may not receive confirmation to attend.

Date: Thursday, January 10th , 10 am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)

For any questions please contact us at partner.imc@beehiveonline.oracle.com

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