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Partner Webcast – Oracle Java Cloud Service: Getting Started with

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

Oracle Java Cloud
 is a complete platform and infrastructure cloud solution
for building, deploying, and managing Java EE applications. Your Businesses can
maximize productivity and realize all the benefits of Platform as a Service
including subscription-based, self-service access to reliable, scalable, and
elastic cloud environments.

Use Oracle
Java Cloud Service
 to rapidly
provision an
application environment with

all on top of infrastructure provided by Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

Do you have access or plan to purchase Oracle Java Cloud Service, have
you requested a free Java Cloud Service trial?

Then you have instant access to a cloud environment that supports any Java
application, complete with integrated security, database access. Let’s quickly get
started with building a
responsive web application
using Oracle Application
Development Framework (ADF)
on the cloud.


  • Oracle
    Java Cloud Overview
  • Oracle JCS
    How to Guide:
    • Configuring
      your JCS.
    • Developing
      in JCS.
    • Deploy
      and Test your Application.
  • Summary - Q & A


This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be
delivered over the Web. Registrations received less than 24hours prior to start
time may not receive confirmation to attend.


Tshepo Madigage – FMW Consultant – Oracle Partner Hub Migration Center South

Date: Thursday, April 07th , 10 am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)

Duration: 1 hour

Get Started by visiting http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/jcs_gs/index.html

For any questions please contact us at partner.imc@beehiveonline.oracle.com

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Wednesday, April 20, 2016


    Great event ,but i needed to know the ssh tunnel command shall it's a Linux command where shall i write it on cloud or on my laptop I got the IPs but i don't know where to put it ,when I write it in my cmd for trial command is not found

    can you please clarify it for me

  • Tshepo Madigage Friday, April 22, 2016

    HI Santi,

    The ssh command to access your cloud service from your local machine is "ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=60 -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -L 9001:<admin public ip>:9001 opc@<admin public ip>"

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