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Partner Webcast – Oracle Functions: Serverless On Oracle Cloud

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

Serverless computing refers to an execution model in which tOracle Functionshe public cloud provider dynamically allocates resources whenever a piece of code is executed, and only charges for the amount of resources used to run that code. It’s growing in popularity with developers because it allows them to focus on what matters most, namely writing code.

Oracle Functions is a fully managed, multi-tenant, highly scalable, on-demand, Functions-as-a-Service platform. It is built on enterprise-grade Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and powered by the Fn Project open source engine. Oracle Functions delivers exactly what developers want, to focus on writing code, to meet business needs.

The serverless and elastic architecture of Oracle Functions means there is no infrastructure administration or software administration for you to perform. You do not provision or maintain compute instances, and operating system software patches and upgrades are applied automatically. Oracle Functions simply ensures your app is highly available, scalable, secure, and monitored. With Oracle Functions, you can write code in Java, Python, Node, Go, and Ruby (and for advanced use cases, bring your own Dockerfile, and Graal VM).

Oracle Functions is an open platform built on the Apache 2.0 licensed Fn Project and Docker, and supports CNCF CloudEvents. Fn Project is an open source, container native, serverless platform that can be run anywhere - on any cloud or on-premises - easy to use, extensible, and performant. You can download and install the open source distribution of Fn Project, develop and test a function locally, and then use the same tooling to deploy that function to Oracle Functions.

Serverless functions change the economic model while a function is running; there is no charge for idle time. Join us as we dive into serverless computing and Oracle’s offering on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


  • Serverless Compute
  • Pros & Cons Serverless Compute
  • Impacts of Serverless Compute
  • Fn Project & Oracle Functions
  • Demo: Oracle Functions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Partner Use Cases
  • Summary Q&A



Oracle EMEA A&C Cloud Adoption & Implementation Consultant
Oracle EMEA Innovation and Modernization Center

Date: Thursday, August 27th, 10am CEST (9am BST/11am EEST)

Duration: 1 hour

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