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Partner Webcast - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IAM for Securing DevOps

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

A migration to the cloud will often completely disrupt an organization's existing security and governance strategy. As organizations move data to the public cloud, their control decreases, and more responsibility falls on the shoulders of the cloud providers. Therefore, organizations must shape their security strategies to rely less on internal security and control, and more on their cloud provider's offerings.

Identity management provides security and governance by only allowing individuals, services, and processes with an authorized identity to access the appropriate resources at appropriate times. In cloud environments, IAM is a commonly accepted best practice, since there's no practical way to secure resources without identity management. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) lets you control who has access to your cloud resources. You can control what type of access a group of users have and to which specific resources. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides ways to isolate different departments from each other, so visibility and access to resources can be compartmentalized. The cloud resources, such as compute instances, object storage buckets, or virtual networks, used across different project environments and production systems require separate management permissions. 

Through a simple, yet powerful, set of entities comprising groups, users, and dynamic groups of principal instances, IAM constructs allow for secure access and governance of OCI resources, including compute instances, block volumes, and VCNs. Join us on this webcast and learn more about why understanding OCI IAM is key to successful cloud projects and DevOps.


  • Cloud Security and Project Environments
  • OCI Identity and Access Management Overview
  • Best practices for Creating OCI IAM Resources
  • OCI IAM vs Oracle IDCS
  • Enabling Developer Productivity with IDCS
  • Demo
  • Summary and Q&A


Mihai Dragomir

Oracle EMEA A&C Cloud Adoption & Implementation Consultant
Oracle EMEA Innovation and Modernization Center

Date: Thursday, June 25th, 10am CEST (9am BST/11am EEST)

Duration: 1 hour

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