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Partner Webcast – Monitoring your cloud-based Infrastructure with Oracle Management Cloud

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

Today’s Modern IT supports today’s requirements by making IT infrastructure more accessible and available based on demand.  IT infrastructure can be made available both in your datacenter on-premise or be quickly provisioned on public clouds. This makes the proactive monitoring of IT more challenging to IT Staff – they have to manage the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, the diversity of technologies available and the dynamic nature of the IT on the cloud. The volume and variety of infrastructure can easily overwhelm your IT staff, who also is required to keep IT management costs low.

Monitoring large and diverse environments can be a challenge, and in many cases IT can’t keep up. It is not feasible to review performance charts separately for each entity, not easy to evaluate security throughout different environments and it’s definitely complicated to prove compliance with regulations. 

Previous generations of management tools expect that human intelligence will draw conclusions out of the data, but human operators are already overwhelmed with the velocity and volume of alerts and data coming their way, and so they get tired and miss things. Other tools have attempted to apply more advanced analytical techniques, but have only done so to subsets of the data because it’s too compute-intensive to do it across the board, so human operators are still required to stitch together information out the data silos. It’s time for a new generation of systems management.

Oracle’s solution, the Oracle Management Cloud  (OMC) a suite of next-generation, integrated, monitoring, management and analysis delivered as a service represents the future of systems management, providing smarter insight and swifter action. We would be taking a deep dive at OMC’s Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service and see how it

  • Monitors any resource on any platform, for any type of infrastructure, on any cloud.   It plays a key role in the integrated systems management solution offered by OMC.
  • Address today challenges through comprehensive metrics across different vendor technologies, which allows you to use a common yardstick to assess all different entities

Join us on this webcast and find out how proactive monitoring across all your infrastructure tiers enables you to be alerted on issues, troubleshoot and resolve these before they impact end users.


  • Why is Monitoring more important on Cloud
  • Considerations for Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service Overview
  • Use cases of Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
  • How can Partner leverage this
  • Summary – Q&A

Presenter:  Victor Ameh – FMW Consultant – Oracle Partner Hub Migration Center Nigeria

Demo: Oracle Management Cloud: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Demo

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Date: Thursday, August 30th  , 10 am CEST (9am BST/11am EEST)



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  • Rick Thursday, August 30, 2018
    This was very interesting.
    Can you please share that presentation?
    Kind regards
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