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Partner Webcast – High Performance Weblogic on OCI with Oracle GraalVM Enterprise

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

Whether for development of external customer-facing services, or for automating internal business processes, the use of software continues to accelerate. In an endeavor to scale applications with ever increasing demands, and keeping up with business SLA guarantees, enterprises are having higher information technology bills. Hence there is a persistent need to find innovative ways to get more out of existing investments.

Regardless of the deployment choice, to overall IT expenses, applications must run faster and consume fewer resources. Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is an application runtime that addresses these challenges. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition for free for its customers with support also included in the Oracle Cloud subscription.

Now, looking into Oracle WebLogic Server  which has been certified to run on GraalVM Enterprise Edition 19.3, offering performance benefits of up to 5%-10%.  Integration with the Oracle Database Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) feature enables coordination of application updates with database changes.  And both Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes users should evaluate the use of the Oracle WebLogic Server Deploy Tooling to simplify.

Oracle WebLogic faster on GraalVM Enterprise

  • Accelerate your enterprise application performance
    • Increased application throughput and reduced latency
  • Modernize your enterprise Java applications
    • Transition from monolithic applications to Microservices
  • Efficient resource utilization
    • Better utilization of resources (compute and memory)
    • Easy application scaling
    • Minimize annual operational costs
  • Increased developer productivity
    • Ability to have different languages and libraries interoperate with no performance overhead
  • Ease of management
    • Easy to patch, secure and upgrade the infrastructure

This performance improvement estimate is based on a variety of internal API specific microbenchmarks, and benchmarks run on a full, end to end Java EE WebLogic Server application used for internal stress testing.

Join us on this webcast find out how it can offer superior performance, enhance competitiveness, and drive business innovation while reducing costs in your enterprise.


  • Oracle WebLogic on OCI Overview
  • Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Overview
  • Accelerating Application Performance
  • Demo
  • Summary - Q&A


Catalin Pohrib
Oracle EMEA A&C Partner Technology Cloud Engineer


Date: Thursday, March 18th, 10am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)

Duration: 1 hour


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