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Partner Webcast - Cloud Native Java with GraalVM on OCI

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

Businesses are under increasing pressure to be smarter, faster and more agile at providing services to their clients and customers. Whether for development of external customer-facing services, or for automating internal business processes, the use of software continues to accelerate. Regardless of the deployment choice, to overall IT expenses, applications must run faster and consume fewer resources. Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is an application runtime that addresses these challenges.

Built on trusted and secure Oracle Java SE, the leading application development language, enterprises rely on for reliability, security, and regular updates, GraalVM Enterprise provides significant improvements in application execution and efficiency on premise and in the cloud.

Without any code changes, GraalVM Enterprise can improve the performance of any Java application and any application that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Faster application execution provides two benefits:

  • First, it reduces the response time for user requests, Applications running on GraalVM Enterprise exhibit lower latency, which is crucial when you remember that forty percent of consumers abandon web pages and shopping carts.
  • Second, applications that run faster, free up CPU and memory sooner, allowing them to handle other requests or other applications running on the same server.

GraalVM Enterprise also incorporates its optimizing compiler technology into an advanced Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) Native Image compiler that translates Java and JVM-based applications into native platform executables. These native platform executables are smaller, start nearly instantaneously, and consume a fraction of the resources of the same Java application running on a JVM, making them ideal for cloud deployments and microservices.

Join us on this webcast find out how it can offer superior performance, enhance competitiveness, and drive business innovation while reducing costs in your enterprise.


  • Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Overview
  • GraalVM on OCI Features
  • Accelerating Application Performance
  • Demo
  • Summary - Q&A


Catalin Pohrib
Oracle EMEA A&C Partner Technology Cloud Engineer

Date: Thursday, Jan 21st, 10am CEST (9am BST/11am EEST) 
Duration: 1 hour


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