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Oracle Business Process Management Assets to Process Cloud Service

Victor Ameh
Fusion Middleware Migration Consultant


Business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business—and what differentiates it from the competition. Oracle helps your enterprise excel in process management by delivering a comprehensive, industry-leading business process management (BPM) suite.

Quite a number of users with existing Oracle BPM infrastructure and assets are considering moving their assets from on premise to the respective cloud version called Oracle Process Cloud Service.

Oracle Process Cloud (PCS) a subscription-based cloud service for process automation. Offering visibility and management of business processes, and a full life-cycle process management environment including development, test and production- with tooling and run time for process design, execution , monitoring and optimization -without the need to build and maintain an IT infrastructure.

Oracle Process Cloud empowers Line of Business and Process Designers to build, customize and change custom business applications in a collaborative manner.
Oracle Process Cloud comes prepackaged with process templates and starter patterns for quick and easy rollout of custom business applications. Users can build all a business application including forms, decisions, data models and implement in a zero code, declarative fashion.

Key features:

  • Rapid Process Automation & Change via starter patterns, collaborative modeling, and zero-code, declarative design
  • Business Friendly Forms Design to create responsive, dynamic web forms.Integration with business data supports design-once and run anywhere
  • Powerful Rules Design that gives designers the agility to dynamically determine approvers and control process flow. Rules are driven by if Then statements or can take the form of Excel-like Decision tables.
  • Richer Business Context for processes via business properties to capture requirements, issues and comments, and other information so that all stakeholders have the same big picture and necessary details. Reports capturing these properties and inter dependency between data can be used for deep impact analysis across processes.
  • User-friendly Sandbox for step-through and testing of business applications
  • Full Lifecycle Management for managing application lifecycle
    including instant deployment, automatic versioning, and promotion from
    Test environment to Production.

At the moment, users can export their assets to run on BPM as you will find in the PCS documentation but if you are considering moving your existing Oracle BPM applications and assets to the cloud, then an easy way to achieve this by Migrating your Oracle BPM assets into Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS). As Andre Boaventura shows in this blog post, this requires a conversion framework and he provides a simple bash script that does the conversion for you. 

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