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Oracle Application Container Cloud Service Now Supports Clustered Applications!

Guest Author

I am happy to let you now that starting
from December 2016 Oracle AcCS
supports clusterization, so you can
deploy your clustered applications to Oracle AcCS with standard
scaling of instances. The instances in a clustered application act as a single
unit in response to client requests. Each instance replicates and thereby
shares session data. This means the restriction that applications deployed in
AcCS must be stateless is removed now!

Needless to say, you get benefits of clustered applications such

- Performance - more than one instance is
available to perform a task or unit of work, response time is often faster.

- Scaling - a
clustered application can be scaled out with more and more instances to handle
more and more work.

- Load Balancing
-load balancer passes a request come into a clustered application to one of the
instances. Load balancers can use anything from complex algorithms to a simple
round robin approach to route traffic. Oracle AcCS uses Oracle Traffic Director for load balancing.

- High Availability
- highly available systems are designed with redundancy that eliminates a
single point of failure. In a clustered application, if one instance fails, the
other instances continue running and take over the request processing that the
failed instance was handling.

Find out more about preparing
a clustered application for deployment
in official documentation. Also I
recommend you to go through this
to get some hands-on practice. Finally check the latest AcCS
features here: What's
New for Oracle Application Container Cloud Service

Stay tuned with us!

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