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ORAAH 2.7 released!

The latest release of Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop (ORAAH), release 2.7.0, is one of the components of the Oracle Big Data Connectors software suite, an option to the Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service.

At its core, ORAAH provides an R interface for manipulating data stored in HDFS, using both HIVE transparency capabilities and mapping HDFS as direct input into Machine Learning algorithms that can run as Map Reduce jobs or inside an Apache Spark container.

New to the release 2.7.0 are updated ORAAH GLM and LM algorithms which are much faster, stable and light on memory than comparable GLM and LM methods from Spark MLlib. Both methods also bring a new summary feature that makes them comparable to solutions from open-source R glm and lm, but capable of handling Big Data at enterprise scale.

ORAAH machine learning algorithms are up to 100x faster than those provided by Spark MLlib.

To learn more about ORAAH, visit the ORAAH page.

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