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Managing Blockchain tables in Oracle Database 20c

Hany Mohamed
EMEA Cloud Transformation Consultant

Oracle’s multi model database 20c is a yearly short term release support, users and developers will benefit from the converged database approach of managing all data in one single database platform while allowing end users to try out new functionalities. Oracle Database 20c is currently available only for preview, not available for production use. 

A Key capability of Oracle database is supporting the creation of single database applications, as well as supporting those adopting event-driven or micro-service models.

One of the new features of Oracle Database 20c is Oracle Blockchain Tables. Blockchain tables enable you to implement a centralized ledger model where all participants in the blockchain network have access to the same tamper-resistant ledger.

Blockchain tables are insert-only tables that organize rows into a number of chains. Each row in a chain, except the first row, is chained to the previous row in the chain by using a cryptographic hash to ensure that row can no longer be changed at a later date.

A centralized ledger model in Oracle database 20c for Blockchain tables reduces administrative overheads of setting up a decentralized ledger network.

Important consideration for creating and using Blockchain tables:

  • For each chain in a database instance, periodically save the current hash and the corresponding sequence number outside the database. This enables you to verify that no chain in the blockchain table has been shortened or overwritten.
  • In an Oracle Data Guard environment, consider using the maximum protection mode or maximum availability mode to avoid loss of data.

Digital certificates can be used to verify the signature of a Blockchain table row, Use pre-built Database package to add a certificate DBMS_USER_CERTS.ADD_SIGNATURE When a certificate is added to the database, it is assigned a unique certificate GUID. as package output .The certificate GUID is used when adding and verifying signatures for a blockchain table row. You must remember this certificate GUID, else you cannot use the associated digital certificate.

As mentioned already, Oracle Database 20c is available only for preview in the Oracle Public Cloud, not currently available for production use.  However such new features reveal what we can expect and why we need to start consider upgrading to Cloud and to Oracle Database 20c.

If you are excited about this or other new Oracle Database 20c features Stay tuned for more upcoming updates and monitor the 

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Feel free to let us know if we can assist you with your Upgrade and/or Migration of your Database  and get ready to take advantage of cutting-edge new features.

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