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Get Rid Of Upgrade Trouble Once and For All by using Oracle Database AutoUpgrade Utility

Hany Mohamed
EMEA Cloud Transformation Consultant

The Oracle Database AutoUpgrade utility, introduced recently with Oracle Database 19c, is a command line tool designed to automate the database upgrade process, both before starting upgrades, during upgrade deployments, and during postupgrade checks and configuration migration. You use AutoUpgrade after you have downloaded binaries for the new Oracle Database release, and set up new release Oracle homes. When you use AutoUpgrade, you can upgrade multiple Oracle Database deployments at the same time, using a single configuration file, customized as needed for each database deployment.

In Oracle Database 19c (19.3) and later target Oracle homes, the autoupgrade.jar file exists by default. However, before you use AutoUpgrade, Oracle recommends that you download the latest Autoupgrade version, which is available from MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool:

Let’s have a quick overview of the AutoUpgrade workflow

The AutoUpgrade utility is a Java 8 release JAR file, which is available in Oracle Database homes in releases after Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( The path to the Java version in the Oracle home is Oracle-home/jdk/bin/java, where Oracle-home is the Source database Oracle home (the earlier Oracle Database release that you are upgrading).

There are four AutoUpgrade modes. For each mode, AutoUpgrade steps are performed in sequence.

  1. Analyze Mode: Setup, Prechecks.

  2. Fixups Mode: Setup, Prechecks, and Prefixups.

  3. Deploy Mode: Setup, Preupgrade, Prechecks, guaranteed restore point (GRP), Prefixups, Drain, DB (database) Upgrade, Postchecks, and Postupgrade. You can run your own scripts before the upgrade (Preupgrade stage) or after the upgrade (Postupgrade stage), or both before and after the upgrade.

  4. Upgrade Mode: Setup, DB (database) Upgrade, Postchecks, and Postfixups.

Let's have a quick look on the AutoUpgrade command line case syntax and options for Upgrading Oracle database and the configuration file sample structure. remember to create a special OS folder for the configuration file along with the background auto-upgrade process log.

You may create an AutoUpgrade configuration file with sample parameters and options to execute and examine a local Database but make sure of the following before executing the AutoUpgrade utility

  • Database in archive mode
  • Put all PDBs in Open mode in case of CDB

Executing AutoUpgrade with configuration file "DBUPGRCONF.TXT" and passing the processing mode deploy to the process  :

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -config dbupgrconf.txt -mode deploy

You may explore more options and find out more details on the Oracle Database Upgrade and the new AutoUpgrade Utility via:

The new AutoUpgrade Utility in Oracle Database 19c can save time and money by making upgrades of your databases with one command, replacing high maintenance upgrade solutions and the stress during the process.

For advice and guidance on Oracle Database Upgrades and Cloud Migration, Oracle Partners can get in touch with us on partner.imc@beehiveonline.oracle.com.

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