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Expand your reach with Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Thanos Terentes Printzios
EMEA A&C Technology Adoption Manager

Oracle Cloud MarketplaceOracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store dedicated to marketing cloud business apps and professional services offered by Oracle Cloud partners.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace was launched back in 2013, with a sole purpose to connect customers and partners around Oracle Cloud. Customers Accessing a Wide Variety of Partner Applications that Extend Oracle Cloud and Partner reaching out to new opportunities and new customers.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace has evolved to a huge portal for Oracle Partner Solutions/Applications but now it also includes Services offered by Oracle Partners such as App Development, Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services.

  • Over 2850 Partners are actively using Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • Over 4500 Partner Applications are currently available
  • More than 220 SIs are promoting their services

And all of this is effectively receiving 24K+ visits every month by Oracle Customers from all over the world, with almost a quarter over these coming from EMEA. We invite you to take the next step and expand your reach with Oracle Marketplace. Leverage this dedicated distribution channel that gives
you the opportunity to market innovative solutions directly to a worldwide customer base, reach new prospects, pursue generated leads, and create new revenue opportunities.

All registered and approved Oracle partners can publish their apps and services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

So let's see how do you get started with Oracle Cloud Marketplace !

As a Publisher you can directly use Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal to sell your innovative apps and services on Cloud Marketplace.

See more information here on "How do I become a marketplace publisher?

The Oracle Marketplace Publisher role is perfect for Oracle Partners that simply want to publish their already defined Professional Services and their existing applications/solutions on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. There is also the Marketplace Developer and Managed Service Provider roles that you may want to explore. In brief:

  • As a Marketplace Developer, you can explore the feasibility and benefits of developing apps for Oracle Cloud without making any financial commitment and explore your integration ideas with the portal. See  How do I become an Oracle Cloud Marketplace developer?
  • The Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider program is designed for partners who offer managed services for Oracle and non-Oracle workloads (3rd Party, Legacy, Open Source, Custom, Industry) running on the Oracle Cloud Platform (Oracle IaaS and PaaS). See How do I become a managed service provider?

Learn stick with your Oracle Marketplace Publisher access and see how you can reach new prospects, create revenue, and grow your business.

The minute you complete the registration process as a Marketplace Publisher you are able to directly sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal at http://cloud.oracle.com/partner and start creating and publishing Listings.A listing describes your application/solution or service to users browsing Oracle Cloud Marketplace for cloud products. 

As you see it's not a complicated task and it can really be a huge benefit for you and your business. Of course you can manage and update your listing at any time. In addition, when it comes to a listing being your application you have the choice of  how you deliver your app to an Oracle Cloud Marketplace customer (Leads, Referrals or Installs).

Join now Oracle Cloud Marketplace - Partner Portal — along with our 400,000 customers, 25,000 partners, and 15 million developers. Gain maximum exposure for your expert service, your solution, your next innovation.

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