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If you remember, last summer Oracle has released Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 which introduced a lot of new enterprise features such as: Dynamic Clusters, Elastic JMS, Coherence Managed Servers, integration with Oracle Database 12c etc. From the developer’s perspective these were: WebSocket protocol support, OSGi, improving of Maven support and so on. All these features undoubtedly have been seriously improved WebLogic from high availability perspective and have made unparalleled product on the market for deploying application in the public, on-premise private cloud, engineered systems such as Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SPARC SuperClusters, Oracle Database Appliance Systems and conventional systems.

This summer Oracle has released WebLogic Server 12.1.3 which is a new version release of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c. It builds on top of features and functionality provided in WebLogic 12.1.2 with additional improvements of developer productivity, performance, high availability and manageability.

In this post I would like to divide most interesting features from my perspective (but of course not all of them) into the following sections: Developers Productivity, High Availability and Performance, Manageability. So let’s consider all features that included in these sections:

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 Support - Oracle Weblogic Server 12.1.3 is the foundation for other Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 products. This is very important update which adds recently released Oracle SOA Suite 12c, BPM Suite 12c and other Oracle Fusion Middleware products to the family of products that is supported with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c.

High Availability and Performance - Weblogic Server 12.1.3 builds on support from prior WebLogic Server versions to improve the reliability, availability, scalability and performance of WebLogic Server applications in clustered environments, when using new Oracle database features, in multi data center architectures, and on Exalogic Systems

Manageability Improvements - Weblogic Server 12.1.3 continues to increase manageability and simplify the configuration and monitoring of WebLogic Server domains and applications adding a bunch of new features such as: REST Resources for Server Management, Fusion Middleware Control, Global Policy Attachment Support, Logging Enhancements, WLST enhancements etc.

  • REST Resources for Server Management This release supports a set of REST resources which enables the following domain management features: Life cycle management for servers, deployments, resources; Deployment operations for applications and libraries, Data Source configuration, Access to server and application logs, Explicit participation in change management. More info:  RESTful Management Interface Reference for Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Fusion Middleware Control This is rather interesting feature provides management of some WebLogic resources along with other Fusion Middleware products using Fusion Middleware Control. You are able to perform the following actions with WebLogic resources: Manage WebLogic Server clusters, server instances, and domains; Deploy and redeploy applications and manage application deployments; Create and configure JDBC data sources; Manage WebLogic Server messaging (JMS); Create and configure users and groups; Create and configure server templates. More info here:  Administering Oracle WebLogic Server with Fusion Middleware Control

Developers Productivity - For developers in this release was placed specific focus on enabling development of server applications that support rich client applications running in HTML5 browsers or mobile devices (mobile clients). In Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3, has been implemented some selected Java EE 7 APIs including: JAX-RS 2.0, Java API for JSON Processing, Java API for WebSocket, and JPA 2.1.

You could find all information related to the new WebLogic 12.1.3 features in the documentation: What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server

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