Supercharge your Applications with Oracle WebLogic

All enterprises are using an application server but the question is why they need an application server. The answer is they need to deliver applications and software to just about any device or computer. Moreover to ensure code and data integrity as well as have higher performing, secure and easily manageable applications. Let’s see how to leverage your applications.

With Oracle WebLogic you can deliver next-generation applications on an extreme cloud performance, simplify operations with native cloud management, and accelerate time to market with a modern development platform and integrated tools. At the same time, you will be able to lower operational costs.

Oracle WebLogic Server helps simplify application development because it is fully compatible with Java EE6 and gives you better application performance along with unparalleled diagnostics capabilities. Moreover Oracle WebLogic supports HTML5 so that you could have interactive applications that run on HTML5 browsers and clients. With Oracle WebLogic you get high available applications at a very low cost.

What’s more, Oracle Coherence the industry leading in-memory data grid enables continuous data availability and transactional integrity across the most demanding multi-data center deployments. You will be able to scale linearly while also improving reliability and performance.

Oracle WebLogic has better integration capabilities with Oracle Real Application clusters and provides unmatched integration with Oracle’s Database 12c including multi-tenant database support, and helps increase developer productivity with mobile application development. What this means is that you can achieve higher availability and connectivity.

  • Have you ever experienced paying twice the same flight ticket or the same order? This must be a hard problem to solve!
  • Have you ever wanted the infrastructure to just deal with database failure and not ask you to restart your transaction from the beginning?

It is complex for application developers to mask outages of a database session (instance, node, storage or network or any other related component) and as a result errors and timeouts are often exposed to the end users leading to user frustration, lost productivity, and lost opportunities.

One of the more interesting features in Oracle 12c RAC is it's ability to deliver business continuity, Oracle WebLogic is using the new database option, aka Application Continuity (ac).

The Application Continuity masks planned or unplanned outages from end users and applications by recovering the in-flight work for impacted database sessions following outages. Application Continuity performs this recovery beneath the application so that the outage appears to the application as a slightly delayed execution. Application Continuity enables replay, in a non-disruptive and rapid manner, of a database request when a recoverable error makes the database session unavailable

Introduced in Oracle Database 12c, Application Continuity strengthens the fault tolerance of systems and applications that use an Oracle database.

Application Continuity is available for:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server Active Gridlink
  • Oracle Universal Connection Pool
  • Oracle JDBC-Thin Driver


After a successful replay, the application can continue where that database session left off instead of leaving users in doubt not knowing what happened to their funds transfers, flight bookings, and so on, and for administrators’ avoiding the need to reboot mid-tier machines to recover from logon storms.

With Application Continuity, the end user experience is improved by masking many outages, planned and unplanned, without requiring the application developer to attempt to recover the request.

Oracle WebLogic & Oracle Database 12c dramatically reduce the complexities and let you focus on the business by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high available applications.

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