Partner Webcast – Oracle Coherence Applications on WebLogic 12c Grid - 21st Nov 2013

Oracle Coherence is the industry leading in-memory data grid solution that enables organizations to predictably scale mission-critical applications by providing fast access to frequently used data. As data volumes and customer expectations increase, driven by the “internet of things”, social, mobile, cloud and always-connected devices, so does the need to handle more data in real-time, offload over-burdened shared data services and provide availability guarantees.

The latest release of Oracle Coherence 12c comes with great improvements in ease of use, integration and RASP (Reliability, Availability, Scalability, and Performance) areas. In addition it features an innovating approach to build and deploy Coherence Application as an integral part of typical JEE Enterprise Application. Coherence GAR archives and Coherence Managed Servers are now first-class citizens of all JEE applications and Oracle WebLogic domains respectively. That enables even easier development, deployment and management of complex multi-tier enterprise applications powered by data grid rich features. Oracle Coherence 12c makes your solution ready for the future of big data and always-on-line world.

This webcast is focused on demonstrating

  • How to create a Coherence Application using Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (Kepler release).
  • How to package the application in form of GAR archive inside the EAR deployable application.
  • How to deploy the application to multi-tier WebLogic clusters.
  • How to define and configure the WebLogic domain for the tiered clusters hosting both data grid and client JEE applications. 

Finally we will expose the data in grid to external systems using REST services and create a simple web interface to the underlying data using Oracle ADF Faces components.

Join us on this technology webcast, to find out more about how Oracle Cloud Application Frameworks brings together the key industry leading technologies of Oracle Coherence and Weblogic 12c, delivering next-generation applications.


  • Introduction to Oracle Coherence
  • What's new in 12c release
    • POF annotations
    • Live Events
    • Elastic Data (Flash storage support)
    • Managed Coherence Servers for Oracle WebLogic
    • Coherence Applications (Grid Archive)
  • Live Demonstration
    • Creating and configuring Coherence Servers forming the data tier cluster
    • Creating a simple Coherence Grid Application in Eclipse
    • Adding REST support and creating simple ADF Faces client application
    • Deploying the grid and client applications to separate tiers in WebLogic topology
    • HA capabilities of the data tier
  • Summary - Q&A

Delivery Format

This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web. Registrations received less than 24hours prior to start time may not receive confirmation to attend.

Duration: 1 hour

For any questions please contact us at

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