How to start the Internet of Things adventure with Java

IoT Developer ChallengeLooking for new challenges? Want to get back to the roots of Computer Science? How about starting to explore Internet of Things?

No doubt it is one of the fastest growing area of IT and an excellent opportunity to explode the innovation and creativeness.

So far you had to be an assembler or C/C++ ninja to even touch the surface of on-device development. Let alone having to master Ohm laws in order to connect even simple LED or sensor without grilling the device (yes, I'm one of those who graduated the electronics department and then abandoned all I have learned in favour of high level software development). Fortunately, even if you prefer debugging the Java code to soldering resistors, and your favourite tool is Eclipse and not a screwdriver, you can embark the huge, vastly unexplored world of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication.

Just start by acquiring a cheap device like Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone. Then install your favourite variant of Linux on it and proceed to downloading Java Embedded to begin your IoT journey (be careful - not all versions of Linux are supported, more on this in the next post).

There is more on this - if you happen to come out with a brilliant concept backed by a working project - you may win a free trip to next Java One Conference! The Internet of Things Developer Challenge, sponsored by Oracle Technology Network and Oracle Academy, gives developers and students chances to win trips and prizes. The corresponding Challenge training is free and open to anyone.

White Paper: Brewing Embedded Market Success with Java

By creating a Java Embedded application, developers can win one of 12 trips to JavaOne San Francisco 2014. In addition, six students will receive laptops and certification vouchers. The deadline to submit video and project code is May 30, 2014.

The new live and on-demand training sessions about Java Embedded, the Internet of Things, the Raspberry Pi, and other computer boards are available every week on the Challenge website. Also on the site, developers and students building their projects will find offer code samples and technical assistance on forums.

Be sure to spread the word via social media using #IoTDevChallenge on Facebook and Twitter, but also Google+

Visit the Challenge website and rules for more details.

IoT Challenge Video

Stay tuned, as we are also launching a series of blog posts related to Java and IoT.

You can also join us on our planned partner webcast live on 29th of May 2014, to show you how to get started with Rasbperry Pi and Java Embedded!

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