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Enable Windows Instance access via RDP on Oracle Compute Cloud Service

Allen Wangu
Cloud Consultant

Oracle Compute Cloud Service optimized for Oracle Public Cloud Machine (OPCM) provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and also acts as the base on which the other cloud services. You can create a single instance using the Oracle Compute Cloud Service web console such as Windows instance. But how do you access or connect to a windows instance once it's created? You will notice during creating of a windows instance, you will have to ensure that you’ve created your Windows instance with the required userdata attributes. See example below.

          "enable_rdp": true,
          "administrator_password": "Specify_password_here"

All port on the Oracle Public Cloud are blocked by default and you have to explicitly allow them yourself by adding the instance to a security list and creating a security rule to enable RDP. So let now start by creating a Security List then add our instance to that security list.

  1. Go to the Network Tab and then click on the Security Lists

  2. Click Create Security List and Enter the following 

    • Name: allow_rdp

    • Inbound Policy: deny

    • Outbound Policy: permit

    • Then click create

  3. Now go to the instance tab, select your instance click on the toggle menu of the instance the click "View"

  4. In the details view of your instance click on Add to Security List and select "allow_rdp" and click Attach.

Now that we have our security list created and attached to our instance it's time to create a Security Rule to enable RDP.

  1. Go to Network tab and click Security Rules

  2. Click on Create Security Rule and Enter the following

    • Name: rdp 

    • Status: Enabled

    • Security application: select rdp

    • Source: public-internet

    • Destination: What to make a guess? Hint: The security list you create earlier. In our case "allow_rdp"

    • Then click create.

  3. Now that everything is ready you can now go to you host machine and click on Remote Desktop Connect, use the public IP of the instance then use the local "administrator" as the username and the defined password used in the custom attributes during instance creation.

N.B. It's advisable to create  an additional user for RDP other than the normal administrator once you login. 

For further information on how to connect to a windows instance via RDP click here

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