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  • March 21, 2021

DocuSign Adaptor in Oracle Integration Cloud - Configuring & Automating Workflow

Bhumika Gogia
CCOE Cloud Engineer

Focusing on automating electronic signature workflows using DocuSign and the out-of-the-box adaptor available in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) we want to help you collect and manage digital transactions.

In continuation of our previous post on the DocuSign Adaptor in Oracle Integration Cloud, where we detailed setting up DocuSign configurations and creating integration in OIC to enable us to use the digital signature functionality using DocuSign Adaptor, in this post we will show how you can automate the digital signature process for the user quickly and easily using the intuitive development of the workflow through Process automation.

How Process Workflow with Document Start Event Will Help You Automate Better

Process Cloud Service as part of Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) allows to develop workflows and leverage the predefined templates to create the workflows within a fraction of time. This blog will help you to create a Document Start process workflow in Oracle Integration Cloud. The main idea to create this workflow is to have an automated workflow started as soon as a document is placed in Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) folder.

Navigate to Process in Oracle Integration console and create a new structured process application by clicking on Create and giving a name to your application. Select- Start with an empty start event. An empty process would be created as below:


Now we need to make this as Document Start process, therefore a small step has to be done to get the Document Start event in the BPMN Palette on the right. Click on the Ham Burger icon on the right and enable Content and Experience Cloud Integration



Now Navigate to the Integrations section in your process designer and click on Link to an integration – Browse available integration. You can see the integrations that are currently active. Select the integration DocuSign Integration Demo that we have created in Part 1 of this blog series.

Once you have configured the integration to be called in process, you can see integration in the integration section of the process and also in the BPMN components section. Drag the integration between your start and end in the process.

In the next step, you need to define a Business Type that will include all the document metadata when a process is triggered. Navigate to Business Types from the left panel and create a New Business Object with all the parameters as below:

In order to map the input of the integration, you need to define a data object (using the business type that we defined) to store the document information. To create a Data Object with the BusinessType created in the steps above.

Now do the mapping of the start event to the DocuSign Integration as below:

And then you need to define the mappings for the integration activity to the end process as below:


Finally, you can Save the process and, Test, Publish and Activate the process using the wizard.

Admin Tasks:

Navigate to the Workspace (https://oic-iinstance /ic/process/workspace/) or navigate to OIC homepage go to My Tasks -> Workspace and do the 2 steps:

1. Give users the right to trigger the process that we have just activated. Navigate to Administration -> Manage Roles, on this page select the process role and assign users to this role.

Note: If you do not have a user in swimlane assign a role to the Swimlane in the process. In this case, it’s Employee.

2. In the Workspace, Go to Administration-> Services and under platform give Oracle Content & Experience Cloud Service details.

This will complete the process workflow creation and the next step would be to do configuration in Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) Cloud to allow the connectivity between OIC and OCE.


In OCE, create a folder where we will upload or move documents that need to be signed. In this case, we can create a folder named “To Be Signed”: