Monday May 26, 2014

Elastic PaaS with WebLogic and OpenStack, part I

Oracle OpenStack

In my previous blog I described the steps to get OpenStack on Solaris up and running. Now we'll explore how WebLogic and OpenStack can work together to deliver truly elastic Middleware Platform as a Service.

Middleware / Platform as a Service goals, PaaS use case, Challenges and the Ideal solution...

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Oracle Database 12c: Partner Material

Download the Oracle App on your iPhone, open the Oracle App, and select the AR Scanner.  Then point your phone at the image below to see Pluggable Databases, Automatic Data Optimization, and Data Redaction in action!

Oracle Database 12c offers the latest innovation from Oracle Database Server Technologies with a new Multitenant Architecture, which can help accelerate database consolidation and Cloud projects.

The primary resource for Partners on Database 12c is of course the Oracle Database 12c Knowledge Zone where you can get up to speed on the latest Database 12c enhancements so you can sell, implement and support this.

Still, the resources and material on Oracle Database 12c can be found all around, 
but even hidden in AR posters like the one on the left.

Here are some more useful resources

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Friday May 09, 2014

How to get started with OpenStack on Solaris

The expectations for an enterprise-class operating system are greater than ever. The new Solaris 11.2 is a game changer - the world's first Cloud Operating System now comes with out-of-the-box OpenStack tools. Oracle Solaris 11.2 is designed to meet Security, virtualization, software-defined networking, and manageability requirements of organizations, especially the ones where cloud computing has become a must-have capability

To get access to the leading-edge virtualization and systems management capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11.2—as well as the integrated OpenStack distribution—customers can now download the Oracle Solaris 11.2 beta. Here's how to get started exploring it.

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Thursday May 08, 2014

Oracle Development Tools for Windows & .NET

Oracle .NET

Interoperability between Oracle and Microsoft technologies around Oracle database support on Windows and with .NET application development have been substantial for years. The latest generation of the world’s most popular database has been designed for the Cloud with the new multitenant architecture and several other extensive enhancements and new features, including a new set of developer tools .

Oracle offers a complete and integrated set of application development and business intelligence tools that supports any development approach, any technology platform, and any operating system. With Oracle's extensive support, developers can take full advantage of all new features.
Amongst the new Developer Tools, .NET Development is fully supported through Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) and specific Developer Tools for Visual Studio.

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Tuesday May 06, 2014

Partner Webcast – Oracle Internet of Things Platform: Solutions for a Connected World

White paper: The Internet of Things: Manage the Complexity, Seize the Opportunity

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) systems known under a more popular name as Internet of Things (IoT) present a completely new paradigm in distributed computing. Every one of us is wearing at least one small computer in our pocket (mobile phone), on our wrist (watch) or inside a rucksack (tablet, laptop). Each of these little devices has more computing power than Eniac or steering computer of Apollo vehicle.

By 2020 the number of similar or even more powerful devices will reach 50 billion worldwide, all connected to the World Wide Web with its own myriads of servers, cloud services, web sites, social networks etc. Add to this other billions of sensors, gateways and cameras, interconnected with each other and to the internet, forming enormous flow of information. Those technologies change the way we live and work and have even bigger impact on IT business

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Is your database healthy? Check now with ORACHK

OraChkSpring time is always a good time for some house cleaning and of course some health checks.
ORAchk replaces the popular RACcheck tool, extending the coverage based on prioritization of top issues reported by users, to also proactively scan for known problems within a wider range of products.
ORAchk version 2.2.4 is now available for download through

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