Monday Nov 25, 2013

Extending ADF Mobile with Cordova Plugins

The ADF Mobile framework architecture is based on a hybrid mobile architecture and is an extension of, what is also known as, Apache Cordova. The current version of ADF Mobile does not officially support native Cordova (PhoneGap) extensions.

Apache Cordova is open source fork of PhoneGap, now acquired by Adobe, providing a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device function such as the camera or accelerometer.

Plugins are pieces of native code (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc) which implement features specific for a platform,  utilizing the native device functionality. Basically, with a plugin you can code whatever a device supports - even working with bar code scanners, printers and such.

See here a demonstration how these plugins can be utilized with ADF as a bridge to the native platform your application is running on. This is however an unsupported method.


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Friday Nov 22, 2013

Partner Webcast - Oracle E-Business Suite: Strategy and Roadmap - 10 Dec 2013

Oracle E-Book - The Expanding Role of the CFO
Oracle has recently released E-Business Suite Release 12.2, with a new user experience and hundreds of cross-industry capabilities spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain planning, our most current release helps customers manage the complexities of global business environments no matter if the organization is small, medium or large in size.  Several Oracle E-Business Suite customers have already implemented or upgraded to the latest release, achieving real business results.

As part of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited strategy, Oracle’s E-Business Suite applications will continue to be enhanced, thus protecting and extending the value of your software investment.

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Thursday Nov 21, 2013

Partner Webcast – From Oracle IAS to Weblogic12c - 05 Dec 2013

We’ve been investing very heavily in driving Fusion middleware into the cloud, so everybody can realize Cloud benefits. Cloud Application Foundation is central to our strategy. With Oracle Weblogic 12c you can deliver next-generation applications on a mission-critical cloud platform, simplify operations with native cloud management, and accelerate time to market with a modern development platform and integrated tools.

Upgrade to latest Oracle Fusion Middleware is greatly simplified by a set of tools designed to maximize the automation of the upgrade process. Oracle designed tools and offers resources to ensure a highly reliable upgrade process that minimizes application downtime and allows for rapid and seamless uptake of the latest features and capabilities.

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Sunday Nov 17, 2013

Oracle Database 12c Upgrade with the New Upgrade Features (Step by Step)

The latest version of Oracle Database, Oracle Database 12c, is available for download from our Oracle Technology Network. Oracle Database 12c introduces over 500 features,  including several improvements to upgrade performance, automation, and reporting. Some of the new feautures and imporvements are directly relevant to the upgrade process to Oracle  Database 12c

Let's review those features, making the upgrade process a lot easier and straighforward, so you can get started with your upgrades to 12c

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Thursday Nov 14, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle WebCenter: What’s new in WebCenter Content - 28 Nov 2013

Save Money, Work Smarter, Put Content to Work

In order to succeed in today's economy, organizations need to engage with information across all channels to ensure customers, partners and employees have access to the right information in the context of the business process in which they are engaged. The latest release of Oracle WebCenter addresses this challenge with updates across its complete portfolio.

Oracle WebCenter Content is an open platform with pervasive services that content-enable business processes. It consolidates unstructured content from across diverse systems so it can be centrally managed and then exposes it from within desktop productivity tools, business applications, and mobile devices to fit the needs of today's users.

The new release of Oracle WebCenter Content makes it easier to share information efficiently

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Thursday Nov 07, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle Coherence Applications on WebLogic 12c Grid - 21st Nov 2013

Oracle Coherence is the industry leading in-memory data grid solution that enables organizations to predictably scale mission-critical applications by providing fast access to frequently used data. As data volumes and customer expectations increase, driven by the “internet of things”, social, mobile, cloud and always-connected devices, so does the need to handle more data in real-time, offload over-burdened shared data services and provide availability guarantees.

The latest release of Oracle Coherence 12c comes with great improvements in ease of use, integration and RASP (Reliability, Availability, Scalability, and Performance) areas. In addition it features an innovating approach to build and deploy Coherence Application as an integral part of typical JEE Enterprise Application. Coherence GAR archives and Coherence Managed Servers are now first-class citizens of all JEE applications and Oracle WebLogic domains respectively. That enables even easier development, deployment and management of complex multi-tier enterprise applications powered by data grid rich features. Oracle Coherence 12c makes your solution ready for the future of big data and always-on-line world.

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