Sunday Mar 24, 2013

Exadata Smartscan For IAS

Hello all, In this post we will present an issue, we faced a few weeks ago, when one of our customers run annual job batches on Exadata. During those operations they realized that  'Insert as select (IAS)' was dramatically slower than 'Create table as select (CTAS)' for the same tables and application. There was a really huge difference on duration between them, whilst CTAS was taking 40 seconds, IAS took almost 6 minutes!

We've checked the execution plans of those queries and saw that CTAS was doing Smart Scan, it's wait event was "cell smart table scan" and Cell Offload Effiency %91 but IAS was not doing !

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Friday Mar 22, 2013

Partner Webcasts - Oracle Database Security Inside-Out

Oracle Database Security Inside OutOracle Database Security solutions allow organizations to consolidate databases securely, take advantage of cloud computing, and make the most of their investment in Oracle Database.

Most security programs are failing to adequately address database security. Customers continue to be challenged to secure information against loss and protect the integrity of sensitive information like critical financial data, personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card data for PCI compliance.

Industry data indicates only 25% of organizations are monitoring for unauthorized database change on most of their databases, much less able to prevent such security breaches. Similarly 70% of organizations have database auditing turned on, but the majority conduct a database audit less than once a year.

With Oracle's powerful database activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and multi-factor access control, data classification, transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting, secure configuration management, and data masking, Oracle Partners can become a trusted advisor offering reliable data security solutions that do not require any changes to existing applications, saving time and money to customers.

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Thursday Mar 14, 2013

Partner Webcast - Oracle WebLogic Server High Availability Concepts - 21 Mar 2013

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is the #1 application server for cloud and conventional environments.

Today most businesses have the ambition to move to a cloud infrastructure. However, IT needs to maintain and invest in their current infrastructure for supporting today's business. In both cases, scalability and high availability remain two key infrastructure requirements that most organizations must reflect in the architectural design of their mission-critical solutions.

Oracle WebLogic, the #1 application server in the marketplace, is the application server of choice for modern data centers building cloud infrastructures, allowing you to meet the high-availability and scalability requirements of your J2EE application, while you can outperform your competitors, have complete control and flexibility, and lower your total cost of ownership.

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Friday Mar 08, 2013

Another dynamic form in ADF

I have been recently helping one of Oracle Partners in migrating their Forms application to the ADF technology. It was a retail store solution and one of the main requirements was to provide quick and automatic way to scan and enter the items at the cashier desk. The bar code scanner is a relatively simple device and can be treated simply as an additional keyboard attached to the cashier’s computer. To automate entering consequential items at the desk we need to have a web page with a form which is able to dynamically create new rows (for new items) detecting some kind of key sequence e.g. enter. This way the cashier does not have to even touch the keyboard to repetively add new items to current transaction.

I have created a simple demo application based on the famous HR schema where the roles of the transaction items play the rows in the REGIONS table – this is just for sake of simplicity to reproduce it without creating additional schemas or tables.

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