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Cloud Integration Challenges and Opportunities

Allen Wangu
Cloud Consultant

The rapid shift from on-premise applications to a hybrid mix of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and onpremise applications has introduced big challenges for companies attempting to simplify enterprise application integration.

One reason for this challenge is the ease in which Lines of Business (LOBs, such as marketing, sales, customer support, etc.) can subscribe to multiple disparate SaaS applications with little or no involvement from internal IT. Once the LOB starts using the SaaS application however, there is often a need to integrate with existing applications.

Prior to Oracle Integration Cloud Service, integration platforms have been too complicated to easily include participation with LOB application users, resulting in a costly, time consuming, and error prone attempt at integration. Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a lightweight solution that simplifies connectivity between applications, and can connect both applications that live in the cloud and applications that still live on premises.

What are the opportunities that a partner can derive for this integration challenges using Oracle Cloud Integration Cloud Services?
Did you know as a partner you could build and publish Oracle Integration Cloud Service adapters on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

What is the Oracle Cloud Marketplace? 

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store dedicated to marketing cloud business apps and professional services offered by Oracle Cloud partners. OPN members at the Silver level and above can publish on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and leverage a dedicated distribution channel which offers a unique opportunity to market innovative solutions directly to our worldwide customer base. 

How can a partner leverage this? 

Building adapters and delivering on marketplace enables partner community to be able to design, deliver and monetize on quality integration with SaaS and on-premises applications. For customers, this means they get access to deep and wide integration to a large portfolio of applications.  As a partner you work with Oracle to release pre-built integrations and adapters that you can make available to the broader community.

The marketplace for adapters enables customers to benefit from a broad partner community that is building and delivering adapters for several of the 2300+ SaaS applications and on-premises applications out there today. These partner built adapters are audited by Oracle prior to delivery to ensure high quality of integration.

Customers can jump-start their Software as a Service (SaaS) integration with a library of prebuilt integrations and adapters from Oracle and our partners. As a subscriber of Oracle’s SaaS applications like Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Service Cloud, a customer can have access to these integrations through Oracle Integration Cloud Service. 

    For additional information on how to start working with Oracle Integration Cloud Service please go to the documentation and stay tuned for more webcasts and posts from us.

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