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  • June 2, 2018

Application Development Services Update

Gokhan Goksu
Technology Consultant

Application Container Cloud Service

Secure Environment Variables

Environment variables can now be secured by using the user interface or the deployment.json file. The value of the secure environment variables is hidden on the user interface
See Configuring Environment Variables in Using Oracle Application Container Cloud Service and Creating Metadata Files in Developing for Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

Linux Packages

It is possible to install additional packages in for applications using the Java SE, PHP, Node.js, or Java EE runtimes. The packages are installed at runtime from the Oracle Linux 7 YUM repository and all you need to do is create linux-packages.txt with the required packages.
See Installing Linux Packages in Using Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

Java Cloud Service

Support for WebLogic Server 12c (

Software release WebLogic Server 12c ( is now supported in addition to WebLogic Server 12c (, which has been supported in previous releases.
Do check What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server

Changing infrastructure database associations

You can now associate a different infrastructure database with a service instance you already created. Refer Managing Associations for a Service Instance in Administering Oracle Java Cloud Service.

Recover a deleted service with the REST API

If your account was terminated and you lose the Oracle Java Cloud Service instance you created, you can recover this service instance from a backup preserved in a cloud storage container.
See Recovering a Deleted Service Instance from a Backup in Administering Oracle Java Cloud Service.

Certified Oracle Applications

Oracle Health Insurance Components and Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity are now certified on Oracle Java Cloud Service.
See Oracle Applications Certified on Oracle Java Cloud Service in Administering Oracle Java Cloud Service.


Whats new in JCS 18.1.6

Stack Manager & PSM CLI

PSM CLI update

PSM CLI Version 1.1.21 is now available.

Stack Manager Hidden Parameters

Configure template parameters so that they are not visible in the web console. These parameters can still be used to create stacks from the CLI and REST API.
See Using Template Parameters.


Whats new in Stack Manager 18.1.6

Data Hub Cloud Service

Seed Node Management

The underlying Apache Cassandra cluster now has a new capability for seed node management. The seed node management feature helps to ensure that there is always a minimum number of seed nodes in the cluster, facilitate the communication process with new nodes joining the cluster and avoid single point of failure.
See About Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service Seed Node Management in Administering Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service.


Whats new in DHCS 18.1.6

Event Hub Cloud Service

Tags to categorize clusters

You can now create tags for categorizing Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service clusters, for example, by purpose, owner, or environment.

See Managing Tags in Administering Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service — Dedicated.


Whats new in EHCS 18.1.6

MySQL Cloud Service

Support for MySQL Server 5.7.21

MySQL Server is upgraded to 5.7.21.
For more information, see MySQL Server 5.7.21 Release Notes.

Support for MySQL Enterprise Monitor 4.0.3

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is upgraded to 4.0.3.
For more information, see MySQL Enterprise Monitor 4.0.3 Release Notes.


Whats new in MySQLCS 18.1.6

Workshops / Events / Hands-on-Lab

The new JCS Security tutorial series

•Creating an Oracle Java Cloud Service Administrator

•Creating an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance with Identity Cloud Service

•Creating a WebLogic Administrator in Oracle Java Cloud Service with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

•Securing an Oracle Java Cloud Service Application with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

New Hands on Labs

Creating DB Schema, Loading Application Data and Creating Weblogic DataSource

Deploy J2EE Application on JCS using DevCS & DBCS

Build a Tweet analysis service on Oracle Public Cloud using Cassandra & Spring Data

Creating a Template for Oracle Cloud Stack Manager

Managing Oracle Java Cloud Service Instances Using the PSM CLI


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