Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

Partner Webcast - Oracle Digital Transformation: We know why, let’s talk about how

Digital Disruption Digital Transformation is being talked about everywhere. It is the hot topic not only in IT Industry but across Industries! Why? Because those companies who master the transformation … digital masters – outperform their peers by 26% in profitability!

There has never been a bigger opportunity to innovate. We are at the stage where digital is taking over. It's not a question of what, it's a question of when and by whom is it going to be digitalized. Cloud, BigData, Mobility and Social are the most important drivers and this is also validated by analysts and media.

Are you the one who will lead?

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Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Oracle ADF - Getting started with Maven

As a developer you will find yourself working on commercial project which requires you to use build tools. If you want to have Continuous Delivery of your application on Oracle Cloud Services, then build tools are must and Oracle ADF comes with the ability to used Maven as a build tool.

Apache Maven is a widely used tool for managing and automating the build process. It is also used for project management, in particular dependency and release management. It provides consistent and automated build, test and deployment of applications built using JDeveloper

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Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Partner Webcast – Oracle PaaS: Exadata Database on Cloud

Cloud computing is known for many things: cost effectiveness, flexibility, scalability. IT of our generation needs to adapt to cloud exactly for the above reasons.But extreme performance has not been one of those things. Until now.

Oracle has engineered Oracle Exadata Database Machine to support all the rich database functionality it has built over the decades, with extreme performance and availability. Now, Oracle is upping the ante in online database services by making available in the cloud its highest-performing database engineered system.

Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service designed for the cloud

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Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

Oracle SOA Suite 12c ( - What's New

Oracle SOA Suite’s new release includes features that simplify and reduce the time to develop new integrations, and significantly improve response times. Developers now have the ability to improve performance with support for end-to-end JSON, as well as utilize JavaScript directly in their integration flows. New in-memory features dramatically improve transaction performance and new B2B optimization further improves transaction speed for partner collaboration. In the area of streaming analytics, Oracle Stream Explorer delivers a simplified and business-friendly approach, as well as advanced machine learning capabilities. To visualize analytics accessible from integration flows, new custom functions have been added to Oracle SOA Suite’s Business Activity Monitoring capabilities to better align analytics with customer-specific key performance indicators. The integration platform also introduces new features to maximize uptime, diagnose and tune the integration environment, and make SOA deployments more resilient to exceptions and overload.[Read More]

Friday Feb 12, 2016

Automating Oracle Cloud storage container creation

When you request your Oracle Java Cloud Service trial (or attend an Oracle PaaS Workshop), one of the things you need to do to setup your cloud account is create storage containers in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

The process is fairly simple and well documented, but can be cumbersome on systems which don't use bash shell or don't have all the shell tools installed.

For the purpose of speeding up the configuration, I've setup a very simple and very unofficial utility which will create the storage containers for you. Simply enter your credentials, names of the containers you want to create and it will do the rest. Try the utility here.

Warning: this is not an official Oracle utility, it's neither recommended nor supported by Oracle. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. And whatever you do, please DON'T USE FOR PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS. The tool is meant for workshops and trainings only!

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

Partner Webcast – Oracle PaaS: Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Development

Mobile Cloud Backend

Mobile computing has experienced explosive growth in the past decade, and this is just the beginning. At the heart of any organizations’ digital strategy, Mobile is the primary screen and engagement channel for everyone – customers, partners and employees. Organizations both IT and business are looking at new ways to embrace enterprise mobility and lead the digital transformation. 

In the Oracle Mobile Strategy, the Oracle Cloud Platform delivers a set of cloud-based, back-end mobile services that makes mobile application development quicker, more secure, and easier.

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