Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Partner Webcast – Collaboration in a digital world with Oracle Documents Cloud

The modern digital workplace requires a new set of capabilities, one that leverages the best in consumerization, social engagement and business empowerment. The key to this transformation are the productivity tools and services that employees rely on to deliver business value. However, the digital workplace of today requires a new set of priorities, going beyond simple cloud-based file sharing to deliver the next wave of productivity, efficiency and workgroup innovation. Organizations need services that easily blend content, people, process and communications to enable better decisions and accelerate how work gets done.

Your customers need instant access to content and to easily share this information with all constituents -- both inside and outside their organization. Whether they are at their desk, on the go, or working remotely, the ability to easily and securely access and collaborate on information is one of the keys to being a nimble enterprise. 

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Monday Apr 18, 2016

9 Days of Learning About Engineered Advantages

Welcome to 9 Days of Engineered Advantages, a comprehensive educational program that examines the unique differentiators of Oracle’s Engineered Systems portfolio. The program has been made available to Oracle partners and if you are managing a partner for Oracle then you should also attend – each event lasts just 15 minutes!

The content will help you fully understand how these products – architected from apps to storage by a single engineering team – are optimized for critical workloads and deliver the best value proposition in the market.

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Thursday Apr 14, 2016

Partner Webcast – Transition to the New Integration Model with Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Do you want to fully integrate your enterprise, using the same integration tool and skills for both cloud and on premises deployment?

Oracle’s hybrid integration platform allows you to extract value from your current Oracle SOA Suite investments by leveraging existing and new cloud investments.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service provides a rich variety of features that enable you to save time and money, with simplified management, automated upgrades and the ability to easily scale out, and easily provision environments.

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Monday Apr 11, 2016

New A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator (AMPA) for Mobile Application Framework

The recent Oracle MAF 2.3 release already available on OTN, is a major update of MAF coming less than 6 months after the last major release. This release has several new & exciting features, details about this new release can be found in this blog from MAF product management. You can find details on on how to Deploying your Oracle MAF Apps on Windows Platform here.

Now Oracle has released Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), the new cross-platform development framework for mobile applications. Oracle A-Team has developed its Mobile Persistence Accelerator to work with Oracle MAF. This accelerator adds significant value to Oracle MAF

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Saturday Apr 09, 2016

Cloud Integration Challenges and Opportunities

The rapid shift from on-premise applications to a hybrid mix of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and onpremise applications has introduced big challenges for companies attempting to simplify enterprise application integration.

One reason for this challenge is the ease in which Lines of Business (LOBs, such as marketing, sales, customer support, etc.) can subscribe to multiple disparate SaaS applications with little or no involvement from internal IT. Once the LOB starts using the SaaS application however, there is often a need to integrate with existing applications.

Prior to Oracle Integration Cloud Service, integration platforms have been too complicated to easily include participation with LOB application users, resulting in a costly, time consuming, and error prone attempt at integration. Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a lightweight solution that simplifies connectivity between applications, and can connect both applications that live in the cloud and applications that still live on premises.

What are the opportunities that a partner can derive for this integration challenges using Oracle Cloud Integration Cloud Services?
Did you know as a partner you could build and publish Oracle Integration Cloud Service adapters on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

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Thursday Apr 07, 2016

Partner Webcast – Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 Multitenancy and Continuous Availability

As part of the latest major Oracle Fusion Middleware release, Oracle announced the largest release of Oracle WebLogic Server in a decade. 

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, the world’s first cloud-native, enterprise Java platform enables you to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing. It offers development tools and APIs for application innovation with a mission critical runtime. More and more organizations are looking to adopt cloud computing and microservice architectures as a means to improve general IT agility, and to reduce costs for the applications that are essential to run their businesses.

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