Friday Jun 24, 2016

Training On-demand: Fusion Middleware for Implementation Specialists

In conjunction with our colleagues from Global enablement we are pleased to offer training on Demand Boot Camps for Oracle Fusion Middleware partners, these three market leading products Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, and Oracle Business Process Management offer a great business opportunity for our partners. Training format and scheduled dates can be found in the registration links provided below.

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Training On-demand: Exadata and Big Data Implementation Specialists Bootcamps

In conjunction with our colleagues from Global enablement we are pleased to offer training on Demand Boot Camps for Exadata and Big Data to Oracle key partners in EMEA. These cutting edge products offer a great business opportunity for our partners with a huge revenue growth potential. Training format and scheduled dates can be found in the registration links provided below.

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Wednesday Jun 22, 2016

Oracle Partner Community - SOA and BPM Suite 12c Resources

SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c bring exciting new features around the key themes of Developer Productivity and Industrial SOA or Integration & Process Cloud Services. To support & grow middleware business we urge you to demonstrate why and how Oracle SOA & BPM are important, including these in customer conversations and solutions around Cloud, Mobile, Fast Data and, of course, Application Integration.

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Tuesday Jun 21, 2016

Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX): Constructing Mobile Apps for Business

As you may already know, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service 2.0 was released, and with this release we got a new capability known as Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX). This tool was built to assist a nontechnical staff to create cross-platform mobile applications for smartphones/tablets visually and declarativelyusing only a web browser. Most of developers who love coding and reading this article will frown… J You are right guys; this tool is definitely not for you, but primarily for business users. Indeed, let’s imagine the situation in your organization when you have a requirement for building some relatively simple mobile app, but IT staff is completely busy and cannot be involved?! Here Oracle MAX can help you!

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Sunday Jun 19, 2016

An Eye Opener - Oracle Data Visualization

Making sense of your data shouldn't be tough!

Visualizing data is a big part of making it understandable, actionable and in general useful. Oracle Data Visualization is stunningly visual and allows everyone to explore more data and gain new insights faster. 

Data is available on premises, in the cloud, and on the desktop, data can be structured and unstructured and a Data Visualization tool should effectively allow to work with any data, anytime, anywhere.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service makes rich, powerful visual analytics accessible to every business user, while Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) is a standalone capability that provides the same on your desktop.

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Thursday Jun 16, 2016

Oracle Partner Community - EPM BI Big Data Bulletin June 2016

When you prototype and pilot a Big Data Hadoop solution, you may start on the cloud or a cluster of commodity servers.  However, I have heard from many partners that the transition to production is often delayed and put at risk when trying to scale up infrastructure. You and your client then need to think about DIY or Build? (Weighing up Infrastructure Options for Big data). The good news is that on-premise Big Data deployments are much easier with “Hadoop Optimized Systems”, and Forrester has just ranked Oracle’s Big Data Appliance (BDA) Top of its charts.

Meanwhile, Data Visualisation is exploding into the market because it adds so much value so easily – so check out the Oracle Data Visualisation License Pricing and download your own copy of Data Visualisation Desktop (DVD).

EPM is also proving to be very popular on the cloud, with Oracle now overtaking all the other EPM cloud vendors, and we continue to expand with three new EPM Services.
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