Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

SSOCircle Federating to Google Apps

As my colleague Pat Patterson reported earlier today, we are holed up in a windowless conference room in the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas for the FAMFest 2008 event. There is immense brain power in this room!

During a few minutes of downtime, Pat showed me the good work done by SSOCircle in leveraging OpenSSO to establish federated linkages to a wide variety of service providers. To test the system, I established an SSOCircle account and linked directly to the suite of Google apps as "" OpenSSO handled all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

I verified that I could send and receive email as "" via Google email and link my calendar to my personal Google calendar. Great little demonstration of the power of federation to provide SSO to multiple SaaS applications.

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Thursday Jan 10, 2008

JavaOne Registration is Open!

Where will you be during the first week of May? Come join the Java Community for the 13th annual JavaOne conference, at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Registration is now open!

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Friday Jan 04, 2008

Liberty Alliance Full-Matrix SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing Results

On December 18th, The Liberty Alliance Announced the First Companies to Pass Full-Matrix SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing. I was delighted today to see the report card that showed Sun passing every functional test. Congratulations to the Sun Federation and Access Manager team for a job well done!

You can click on the image or here to see a full-size table.

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Saturday Oct 27, 2007

Correcting Past Wrongs

josh_danielleBack in June, 2006, I took posted several photos of friends and colleagues I had taken at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference.

One photo was an particularly unflattering rendition of Danielle Butke of PricewaterhouseCoopers standing next to Josh Lewis of Sun Microsystems.

Earlier this week, I caught up again with Danielle and Josh at a Sun partner event in Park City, Utah. Danielle begged me to remove the old photo. I didn't want to change history, but agreed to post a new photo. It was nice to see that she is smiling in the new photo, not grimacing in pain!

P.S. Did you notice that Josh is wearing the same shirt?

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Team Building in Park City

Olympic Park ZiplineAs part of the Sun Americas Software Practice leadership meeting this week in Park City, Utah, we took some time off yesterday afternoon for some team building in the Utah Olympic Park. Sean O'Neil took this little video of me as we descended the "World's Steepest Zipline."

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Wednesday Oct 24, 2007

Integrating Fragmented Identities

I participated recently in an interesting discussion that underscored a major challenge for large service providers seeking to capitalize on the large repositories of Identity information they maintain. Often, different lines of business have separate identity repositories: wireline, wireless, IPTV, ISP. Different repositories are used for various authentiation methods: AAA, HLR, HSS. Different systems exist for billing, network management, sales, marketing, operations and finance. Couple this with the need for "telco grade infrastructure (high performance, high reliability, super scale).

These realities present huge challenges and opportunities. We like to call the solution "Subscriber Profile Consolidation for the Participation Age." Properly implemented, this concept can provide powerful business advantage to service providers who maintain these identities and corresponding business relationships.

This fits right into what we at Sun call the "Go Big" mentality. Great stuff!

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Friday Oct 19, 2007

Startup Camp 3

I spent many years of my career with a series of startups, and have deep respect for the courageous, adventuresome, fire-in-the-belly kind of folks who have what it takes to lead the process from embryonic idea to commerical success. I applaud Sun's sponsorship of this series of Startup Camps: "Startup Camp is a face-to-face, collaborative event dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs and vendors together to share advice and information about getting a company up and running."

I have found after much experience and soul-searching that I am actually more well-suited the to the virtual entrepreneurism that flourishes in larger companies like Sun Microsystem, but a part of my heart will always be in the startup garage. May entrepreneurism live long and prosper!

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Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Did You Know v2.0

Thanks to Shawn Malaney for pointing out this provocative video about the dynamics we face in this rapidly changing world. How should we prepare our kids not only to cope, but to succeed in the face of such rapid change?

It reminded me of when, as a fledgling engineering student, I approached one of my professors and asked, "What should I concentrate on in the next four years to get the most out of college?"

He chuckled and replied, "Oh, just do the best you can. It will all change before you get out of here, anyway!"

Dr. Bearnson was prophetic, but maybe shortsighted. I doubt that he could have imagined the change I have experienced since he shared his sage advice. And the rate of change is increasing.

The authors of the "Did You Know" video operate a wiki site: ShiftHappens, to foster discussion around this topic. It is going to be interesting to forge a dialog with these folks. One of the best instigators of progress is asking the right questions. They are certainly doing that in spades. Finding the right answers will be the hard part.

We at Sun also try to be in the thick of progress in this new dynamic environment. For example, I learned today that some of my colleagues gave a tantalizing presentation at the recent Sun Customer Engineering Conference entitled "One Billion User Identity Stack." Maybe that will take care of China. Then we can talk about the rest of the world.

Ironically, the theme for the CEC conference was: "Shift - Our Universe. Our World. Your Move." How timely! Shift does happen. Now it is up to us.

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Monday Oct 15, 2007

Do You Blog the Blog?

Thanks to Linda Skrocki for pointing out this bit of blogging humor. But all kidding aside, I think my publishing his blog is the single most postive thing I have done in the three years I have been with Sun. The ability to champion a cause, espouse an idea, expand my sphere of influence and establish both professional and personal credibility through my blog have been extremely gratifying.

The article which featured this cartoon included favorable comments about Sun's blogging policy, such as, "Sun is famous for leveraging the blogosphere for goodness with their open blogging policy ..." and a quote from Jonathan Schwartz, "blogging has played a major role in the revitalization of Sun's reputation. Sun has gone from the 99th to the 6th most popular server company, largely because it has embraced authenticity and transparency in its communication initiatives."

As I can almost hear one of my colleagues say, "Blog on, brother!"

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Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

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