Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Marginalizing Personal Contact in a Virtual World

Poor Dilbert.  Will he ever find real happiness in an increasingly virtual world?

As geeky and shy as I was during my dating years (I actually walked around with a slide rule on my belt), I still preferred to talk to young women face to face, rather than on the phone.  I doubt I would have been very adept at virtual dating.

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Thursday Jun 04, 2009 on Social Media

Thanks to Brad Blumenthal for sharing's delightfully wry commentary on Social Media.

It makes me think of my favorite neurotic worldview: "The whole world is crazy except for me and thee ... and I've been wondering about thee, lately!"

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Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

Facebook Flash Mob Pillow Fight

Crazy things happen because of social media. Thanks to Tom Limanek, a new Sun blogger, for sharing the following video of a pillow fight in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The pillow-wielding flash mob formed because of viral communication on Facebook.

Apparently the organizer was arrested by local police, which seems a bit extreme for the clean fun he spawned.

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Tuesday May 05, 2009

Silly Twitter

I had to chuckle at the perceptive commentary in today's Pickles comic:

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Wednesday Dec 19, 2007

Bare your Soul: New Year's Resolutions in Social Media

Are you in the mood to set New Year's Resolutions a few days early? Let me help you.

I stumbled across a funky little family of social networking sites this week. The first member of the group I found was, which encourages you to set goals for yourself out in the open, for the world to see. It got me thinking about the goals I have set for myself and realized there are some I feel ok about sharing with you, but some that I'd rather keep to myself. Sorry about that. But you can see two I have set here - continuing to shrink my body and travelling to at least one of the 5 states I have yet to visit. Do you think Sun has a telecom customer in Alaska?

From 43things, I found 43people, 43places, and The sites are all produced by the Robot Co-op group and kind of link together in a funky sort of way. It appears that the databases of all these sites are unified, even if the navigation among them is a bit awkward.

I exchanged email with Daniel Spils of the Robot Co-op, who acknowledged they need to improve their inter-site navigation. My two suggestions? Make it really easy to navigate among the sites, and unify the look and feel. That would really improve the experience and elevate the value.

Now I've said my piece ... what are you going to do this year? Do you want to go North to Alaska with me?

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Friday Dec 07, 2007

Making Sense out of Social Media

This afternoon, I received the following question from a colleague, Michael Goodman, a highly skilled and broadly respected sales professional, via "LinkedIn Answers:"

"With all the social media available, including linked in, Blogs, twitter, plaxo, second life, et al, what is the best way to utilize all this stuff, stay ahead of the techno-bleeding edge, and really, just find another customer to tell my story to?

"I can't keep up with all the social media, web 2.0 marketing movement. Really, all I want to do is find the next customer. I am hoping someone has figured out the magical answer to taking advantage of technology and simply find new people interested in what I have to offer. Anyone?"

The answers offered were as interesting to the question. It appears that this question struck a nerve, prompting some long, thought provoking answers.

Alan Sabo offered this interesting insight:

"So, the best way to "utilize this stuff" [technologically] is to integrate your efforts among some 13-20 different services (don't be scared by the number, the key is INTEGRATION - touch one, others update ... get the picture?).

"However, technology aside, the best way to utilize this stuff [strategically]is to learn to become transparent. To share yourself and your expertise through case studies and testimonials where others can observe you doing for others - this "story telling" will go a long way to attracting the right prospects to you!"

I think the key is that the answer is not just technology. Social networks may be enabled by technology, but when it comes right down to it, the folks that "network" are humans, who must ultimately sell themselves to accomplish their goals.

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Tuesday Nov 06, 2007

Social Media Survey

A good friend of mine, Lon Safko, is conducting an online social media survey as part of his research to write a book on the subject.  The survey takes a few minutes.  I encourage you to particpate.

I suggested in the survey that Lon consider using social media (wiki/blog/vlog ...) to publish the concepts, rather than writing a book.  It will be interesting to see what transpires.

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Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

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