Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Social Media Addiction

As I nursed my social media addiction this evening, today's Non Sequitur comic strip seemed particularly applicable.

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Friday Oct 17, 2008

Visualizing Facebook Social Graph

Thanks to Rohan Pinto for pointing out the TouchGraph Facebook application, written in Java, that allows you to visualize your Facebook social graph.

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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Bloggers Send Prayers of Hope

Last week, I posted a brief article about close family friends who are recovering from a serious plan crash. The following news report, produced by a Phoenix television station, explores how bloggers from around the world are sending their hope and prayers to Stephanie and Christian.

Makes you kind of feel good about participating in the blogosphere!

Saturday Sep 13, 2008

Managing My Identity on

I recently received an alpha test invitation from to try out their new service: "The dashboard for your digital life," which offers "The simple way to manage your online life, on a domain of your very own." 

So, I established my own domain, "," populated my profile with links to the social networking sites I frequent (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), my blogs and websites, and the instant messaging services I use.  This site allows me to provide some measure of integration among the different facets of my Internet presence, and gives me quite a bit of flexibility in exposing which details of my Identity I believe to be appropriate.

By coincidence, I met Tony Haile, the Chief Strategy Officer, at Digital ID World earlier this week.  He has interesting perspectives to share in the DIDW session, "How Social Web will change Identity Management."  It appears that Tony and the DIDW crew are making an important contribution to this change by offering steps forward in Identity integration and personal control.

Please take a look at my profile and let me know what you think.  I'll keep you updated as this experiment proceeds.

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Saturday Aug 23, 2008

Ziggy Podcast

When Ziggy can listen to podcasts on seashells, we know that social media has entered the mainstream of our social consciousness!

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Social Networking - the Old Fashioned Way

Earlier this week, I saw a great series of ads on the on the Boston Subway (the "T" in the local vernacular) for Dentyne chewing gum. These ad were particularly adroit in capturing the essence of our electronically connected society while firmly emphasizing the ageless quality of in-person interaction.

Thanks to a rapid email response from the Dentyne customer relations folks, I was able to enjoy the "Make Face Time" ad series again on the web. A series of six ads are available for your enjoyment.

You may also enjoy entering the site via the front door and experiencing the high tech "Flavor Analyzer."

Enjoy! I feel a sudden urge to rush out and buy some gum.

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Friday Aug 08, 2008

Project SocialSite Source Code Available Today

Sun announced today that source code is now available for Project SocialSite (under a CDDL/GPL license) and the project is now operating as an open source project within the umbrella Glassfish community:

"Project SocialSite is a set of Widgets and Web Services that you can use to add Social Networking features to your existing web sites and applications. It includes a Java web application that manages a comprehensive Social Graph repository and exposes that data via an OpenSocial-based REST API. SocialSite also includes a set of Widgets that can be used to create an end-to-end UI for Social Networking, including the ability to run OpenSocial Gadgets within the pages of your existing sites."

Some Project SocialSite resources include:

Project SocialSite homepage on, with mailing lists and more:

Screencast that illustrates the project concept:

Project blog with news and announcements:

I'm looking forward to including some SocialSite-powered features on this blog in the near furture. Stay tuned.

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