Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

OpenSSO Enterprise: Fedlet for .NET

My wife looked up incredulously from her desk as the music started. "That is a bit out of character for you, isn't it?" she asked.

Well, it was just the soundtrack to the latest outlandish creation of Sun's product manager extraordinaire, the "Smoking Monkey" himself, Daniel Raskin. A clever video to introduce the newly released "Fedlet for .NET."



You can access the new Fedlet by downloading OpenSSO Enterprise Update 1.

Then, in words of those famous founts of curmudgeonly wisdom, Statler and Waldorf, "Play it again!"

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Wednesday May 13, 2009

POssO on iTunes

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about POssO, the new iPhone-based administration console for OpenSSO created by Rohan Pinto.  It is now available in the iTunes store.  It almost makes me wish I had an iPhone so I could download it and put it through its paces!  (I'm holding out for the Palm Pre.)

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Friday May 01, 2009

POssO - Use your iPhone to manage OpenSSO

Yesterday, my colleague Rohan Pinto unveiled POssO, an iPhone-based portable adminstration console for OpenSSO.  This application blends the visual coolness and portability of the iPhone with the industrial-strength Identity Management in OpenSSO.

As I viewed an introductory video available on YouTube and Sun Learning Exchange, I thought of three key principles of innovation demonstrated by Rohan's application:
  • The OpenSSO open source development model leads to true innovation.
  • The iPhone's appeal is due more to it being an innovative application platform than to it being a telephone.
  • Rohan's passion, not paycheck, drove this innovation.
Congratulations and many thanks, Rohan, for this outstanding contribution to the state of the art.

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Monday Mar 02, 2009

OpenSSO Feature Release Schedule

The OpenSSO feature release schedule has been published on the OpenSSO wiki:

"The roadmap schedule below highlights OpenSSO's Express builds, which are released approximately every three months, and the schedule for OpenSSO Enterprise 8.1 ... to enable OpenSSO to be the only solution in the world to provide access management, federation, secure web services, entitlement enforcement and multi-factor authentication in a single offering."

This represents a new level of transparency for the OpenSSO development and release process.  This should be very helpful for the growing community of enterprises and developers that are leveraging and betting their businesses on this innovative platform.

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Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

OpenSSO Community Day

Yesterday, Sun announced a "community day for OpenSSO enthusiasts around the time of the CommunityOne Conference in New York.
All are welcome, attendance is free, and continental breakfast plus lunch will be provided. ... Hosted by New York University at the Kimmel Center in Greenwich Village, New York, and sponsored by Sun Microsystems, this is an opportunity for OpenSSO contributors, deployers and users to come together in an informal unconference setting."

For more information or to sign up, please visit the OpenSSO Community Day page on

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Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

OpenSSO Enterprise - Download it Now

Today is the official release date of Sun's OpenSSO Enterprise product, the 8.0 version of the product set formerly known as the "Access Manager/Federation Manager", which was publicly announced on September 30th.


So, what's new in this release?
  • The Fedlet - a lightweight way for service providers to quickly federate with a SAML 2.0 identity provider
  • Multi-Protocol Hub - allows companies that are members of a circle of trust to speak different federation protocols
  • Identity Services - invoke AAA services using your IDE of choice or any programming language (e.g. Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, etc.)
  • Express Builds - deploy next-generation features from the OpenSSO community with the same support and indemnification provided with commercial releases
  • Ease of Use - new task-based UI for common federation-related operations
  • Ease of Install - just drop the WAR file into your servlet-container of choice, hit it with a browser and, in the simplest case, supply admin passwords
  • Much more, including: centralized server configuration (no more text file), centralized agent configuration (no more text files).
Give it a whirl - download it here today!

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Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

Open Source Identity Innovation

In a recent conversation with Pat Patterson, Sun's dynamic OpenSSO community advocate, he referenced a recent blog post highlighting how six of the top twenty contributors to the OpenSSO project came from individuals outside of Sun.  These external contributions, such as those associated with the The Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB), illustrate how fundamental innovation is accelerated by the Open Source model.  It is great to see members of the growing OpenSSO community really working to deliver value to each other.

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Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

OpenSSO Enterprise

Yesterday, September 30, 2008, Sun Microsystems officially unveiled OpenSSO Enterprise, Sun's "Next-Generation Access Management, Federation and Secure Web Services Solution."

Over three years ago, way back on July 13, 2005, just two months after I wrote my first post on this blog, Sun announced at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference "plans to open source its web site authentication and web single sign-on (SSO) technologies through the Open Source Web Single Sign-On (OpenSSO) project."  I gave the announcement only one sentence of coverage: "Open SSO will provide source code for basic identity services including Authentication, Single-domain SSO, and Web and J2EE agents."

Yesterday's announcement was, in a way, a celebration of that early foray into the world of open source.  What began as a virtual toe-dip led to complete immersion in open source waters.  OpenSSO Enterprise is a result of putting Sun putting its entire access and federation management code base into the open source domain, providing a transparent and progressive forum for collaborative development.  The innovations apparent in this newly released product owe much to the many external contributors to the OpenSSO project.

It is exciting to see the fruits of Sun's open source strategy unfold.

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Thursday Jul 10, 2008

OpenSSO and Microsoft CardSpace

My Sun Microsystems colleagues Pat Patterson and Daniel Raskin discuss interoperability of OpenSSO and Microsoft CardSpace in this short video.

Well done, gentlemen.

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