Friday May 01, 2009

POssO - Use your iPhone to manage OpenSSO

Yesterday, my colleague Rohan Pinto unveiled POssO, an iPhone-based portable adminstration console for OpenSSO.  This application blends the visual coolness and portability of the iPhone with the industrial-strength Identity Management in OpenSSO.

As I viewed an introductory video available on YouTube and Sun Learning Exchange, I thought of three key principles of innovation demonstrated by Rohan's application:
  • The OpenSSO open source development model leads to true innovation.
  • The iPhone's appeal is due more to it being an innovative application platform than to it being a telephone.
  • Rohan's passion, not paycheck, drove this innovation.
Congratulations and many thanks, Rohan, for this outstanding contribution to the state of the art.

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Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

Tactical Advantage: Open Source changes the escalation process

Last night I got an email from Martin Gee, CTO of IC Synergy, pointing out some intriguing blog posts he had written about Access Request functionality his company has created to augment Sun Identity Management software.

I will post comments Martin's post on these subjects soon, but I would first like to share a comment Martin made in a post he drafted back in August, entitled "What good is Open Source without Support?"

After describing how one of the talented IC Synergy engineers was able to fix a thorny problem because he had access to Open Source code, Martin opined,
"Open Source changes the escalation process. If you have folks that are talented enough to navigate the product code base, interpret the functionally and recompile the code, you have a tactical advantage. Typically you’d work the forums and support process for a couple of weeks with mixed results. Now, in most situations you can by pass layers of support and shorten the patch process. Win / Win in my book."

"Tactical advantage" makes business sense. For IC Synergy at least, Open Source isn't just nice to have. It makes a real difference to their business.

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Open Source Identity Innovation

In a recent conversation with Pat Patterson, Sun's dynamic OpenSSO community advocate, he referenced a recent blog post highlighting how six of the top twenty contributors to the OpenSSO project came from individuals outside of Sun.  These external contributions, such as those associated with the The Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB), illustrate how fundamental innovation is accelerated by the Open Source model.  It is great to see members of the growing OpenSSO community really working to deliver value to each other.

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Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

Open Source Strategy is Working

Can Sun make money on Open Source software? Will the billion dollar bet on MySQL pay off? Tuesday's announcement was very encouraging.

On Tuesday, September 9, 2008, Sun announced that Belgian-based ERP software vendor Stésud adopted and deployed Sun's open source MySQL database and GlassFish application server software.

Benoit Lemaire, CEO of Stésud stated, "Java-based GlassFish was the first piece of the puzzle we identified to meet our stringent new infrastructure requirements. As soon as Sun acquired MySQL, we decided to employ it as our new database rather than Oracle. With Sun behind both GlassFish and MySQL, it was the best open source infrastructure combination for our needs and for our customers' operations."

Yes, it does appear that Sun's open source software strategy is working, particularly when multiple products are in play. This gives customers the benefit of open source innovation and open access at a significant cost advantage over the competition, while delivering very significant license and support services revenue to Sun. Win-win is a sustainable business model.

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