Thursday Nov 19, 2009

Dilbert on Cloud Computing

With all that is being said about cloud computing nowadays, perhaps we should pause and listed to what Dilbert has to say on the subject

… as he receives the assignment …

… and starts the project.


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Thursday Sep 17, 2009

Presentations: A Digital Reckoning of My Value

Admit it. We’ve all been here …

Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

Dilbert: Best Practices for Compliance

Recently, I have been working on a white paper addressing best practices for using Identity and Access Management software in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.  Sunday morning, I gained a new perspective on best practices for compliance from the Dilbert comic strip.

Perhaps I should publish my white paper in comic strip format!

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Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Marginalizing Personal Contact in a Virtual World

Poor Dilbert.  Will he ever find real happiness in an increasingly virtual world?

As geeky and shy as I was during my dating years (I actually walked around with a slide rule on my belt), I still preferred to talk to young women face to face, rather than on the phone.  I doubt I would have been very adept at virtual dating.

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Friday Feb 27, 2009

What am I thinking?

Thanks, Jay Dear, for pointing out this  bit of wisdom.  Sometimes I wish I could find someone who could tell me what I'm thinking, or, better yet, understand it.

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Saturday Jan 10, 2009

Dilbert on Leadership Thoughts

So much for the wisdom of posting leadership thoughts ...

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Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Imaginary Manhood, Take 2

Yesterday I blogged about the virtual, imaginary man.  Today, Dilbert met with one.  Coincidence?

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Friday Oct 17, 2008

Donald Trump Leadership

Dogbert aka Donald Trump?

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Thursday Oct 16, 2008

Theft by Deception

Interesting commentary on the excesses of the modern economy ...
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Thursday Sep 18, 2008

Explosion on Aisle 3

If sometime my brain explodes due to information overload from cyberspace (or from the pointy-haired boss), please send a cleaning crew to mop it up.

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Saturday Sep 13, 2008

Stretch Goals

I participated in a conference call yesterday about establishing yearly "performance maps" that include goals to achieve during the current fiscal year. Coincidentally, the Dilbert comic strip yesterday addressed the same subject.

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Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

Honoring Corporate Attorneys Everywhere

I once heard there is really only one lawyer joke ... the rest of them are true!

With that bit of wisdom in mind, we honor corporate attorneys today with another bit of wise insight from our friends at Dilbert.

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Friday Aug 22, 2008

Wally's Law of Powerpoint Simplicity

Taking the "Keep it Simple, Stupid" school of thought to the extreme ...

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Saturday Nov 03, 2007

Answers, Not Questions!

This reminds me of when I was a junior engineer with Eyring Research in Provo, Utah.  I used to pepper my boss, Dennis Fairclough, with all sorts of questions.  One day when he was particularly exasperated with my frequent questions, he said, "Mark, I hired you to give me answers, not questions!"

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!

The saving grace?  Dennis didn't have pointy hair, and he said it with a smile on his face!  I'll always be grateful for Dennis grounding me as an engineer.

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Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

Joy on the Internet

How true it is!

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