Thursday Dec 24, 2009

Hyper-Connected Christmas Eve

A great tradition of our family is to gather at the kitchen table after Christmas Eve festivities, drink hot chocolate and talk with each other. As we did so this year, we suddenly realized that we were all connected to the Internet, interacting on Facebook, Twitter and blogs using a variety of devices – extending our Christmas Eve chatter to people far removed from our physical home. Not shown in this photo are my iPhone and the desktop computer on the kitchen desk behind me as I was taking the photo.  Just another example of how technology has changed and enriched our lives. 

With sincere apologies to Holly for a very unflattering photo!

Hyper-connected Christmas Eve

Wednesday Dec 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Dixon Family

A Christmas Card from our family to yours. May you have a happy holiday season and wonderful new year!


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Wednesday Dec 24, 2008

Norad Tracking Santa

Twitter friend @bzkicks led me to this really cool site that tracks Santa's progress across the globe.

Why couldn't this have been available when I was a kid?

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Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

Christmas Peace

On the eve of my favorite day of the year, please accept my wish that the peace of Christmas be with you and yours during this holiday season and throughout the coming year.
Yearning for Peace

We seek for peace this Christmastime
But hear the dissonant clamor of raucous commerce
As the world seeks solace in the glamor of expensive things

We send our youth to fight for peace
As wars within our shores and distant lands loom real,
But grieve when innocents die in the eternal freedom struggle.

We look to government for peace
But see ambitious men and women manipulate puppet strings of power
To feed their insatiable hunger for wealth and fame.

We work for peace in halls of justice,
Battling evil conspirators who exploit and kill and seek addiction of our souls.
But our fair sons and daughters are still not safe to walk alone at night.

We yearn, we fight, we search, we work for peace.
But we cannot find it in the cacophony of commerce.
Not in the clash of war,
Not in the spin of politics,
Not in endless legal conflict.

But we can find eternal peace
In Him who gave his very life and shed his precious blood for us.
The Prince of Peace.

For his words resoundingly proclaim:

“Peace I leave with you, Peace I give unto you:
Not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” 
     - John 14:2
Happy Holidays from the Dixon family!

Saturday Dec 22, 2007

A Tapestry of Miracles - Happy Holidays from the Dixon Family

In these days of crass materialism, questionable ethics and dire threats to political and economic stability, I take heart in the magnificence of the human spirit and the grandeur of relationships that link us together. As a holiday wish to all of you, let me share a few lines I penned several years ago, as a wish of hope and joy from the Dixon family.

A Tapestry Of Miracles

Like brilliant golden strands
Woven delicately yet boldly
Among more dreary threads
To create a magnificent tapestry,
Our lives converge
In brief but sparkling brightness,
And then intertwine into
Radiant relationships
Borne of common hopes and dreams.

Countless encounters
Of human souls,
Guided by an unseen hand,
Link our lives together,
Creating cascading
Miracles of light,
Illuminating our hearts and minds
Amidst the harshness and the gloom
Of mortal life,
Ever weaving and preparing
The glorious, eternal tapestry
Of humankind.

Mark G. Dixon
November 15, 1996

Happy Holidays from all of the Dixons in Mesa, Arizona.

Christmas hearth

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