Mark Dixon's quest to explore the world of Identity Management

Mark DixonThis blog is an attempt to progressively document and share the lessons I learn about the broad science and magic of Identity Management as I go about my work in Identity Management and Telecommunications at Sun Microsystems. Along the way I hope to share my insights into good management practices in general. Sprinkled here and there will be bits of wisdom and trivia that come into my mind.

Mark Dixon currently serves as Chief Identity Officer, North America Software Line of Business, Sun Microsystems. He joined Sun in 2004 as Practice Lead in Sun's Identity Management Practice and subsequently served as Systems Engineering Manager for the Telecommunications Market Area in Sun's US Software Practice. He was formerly CEO of two software startups and senior practice director with Oracle Telecommunications Consulting Services.

Mark has delivered enterprise software products and custom solutions to the telecommunications, information security, digital image management, network utility, aerospace manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing markets.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Mark and his lovely wife have six children and nine grandchildren (three born since the photo below was taken).

Dixon Family 2008