Thursday Oct 09, 2008

A Time to Remember

A Time to Remember

“Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.” - Deuteronomy 4:9 – New Internal Version

This is my last blog post as a Sun employee and is a great opportunity to remember. To remember the people that helped make Sun a wonderful place to work – more appropriately a wonderful family. It is also a time to refresh the memories of past lessons.

Let's start with the people. From the early days in Colorado Springs, folks like Dale, Mike, Lynn, Paul, Rick and Lou. Then there were people while I was helping with Sun Education. Dave, Howard, Siusaidh, and many others. That brings me to the past 11 years with Solaris. There have been so many great folks I could never mention them all. The great managers: Fred, Bev, Eric, Dave, Barry, Martie, Bijan. The stellar program managers: Gina, Reg, Eoin, Tina, Ann. And of course the amazing engineers: Sanjay, Jeff, Mark (at least 4 of them), Susan, James, Jean, Tony, Steve (x2), Moriah, Tom, and so many more. Then to OpenSolaris friends: Deirdre, Jim, Tim, Glynn, Theresa, Kelli and the community Ben, Dave and again many more.

It is because of all of these folks that I was able to do anything. They provided support, encouragement, kicks in the butt, prayer. They were all there to support the initiatives and move forward the relationships. I cherish these folks and the little bits they gave to me over the 14 years here at Sun.

This company has been home for over 14 years. My eyes have seen many things and there are many lessons that I plan to pass on to my children. Lessons like:
  • lend a hand to someone in need
  • stay what you mean and mean what you say
  • care about people and they will in turn care about you
  • a simple smile goes a long way to smoothing a difficult conversation
  • new ideas are always waiting to be found, you just have to find the friend to help uncover them
  • if you listen, your voice can be very loud

In all this has been a great time. Many wonderful memories, just as many friends and a very exciting future.

While leaving the group and the OS I love is not easy, the OpenSolaris Storage community in great hands, Peter, Lynn, Paul and Deirdre will serve it well. I look forward to the exciting innovations becoming realities and plan to watch very closely.

With this I bid you Peace,


PS: If any of you care to follow me and my thoughts my new blog will be

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

Blogging extension for StarOffice

I've been frustrated with the on-line editing capabilities of our Roller weblog. Not that it is bad, but it is not great. I did a quick search and found that our StarOffice group created a Weblog Publisher extension. I'm hoping that using a real text editor/ word processor will make blogging easier. [NOTE: While looking for URLs I also see there are other cool extensions for StarOffice, pretty cool!]

I'll keep you all informed on how my experiment works out.

Thursday Dec 15, 2005

Sun Helping out the PAcific

Following on my last post (more than 6 months ago :-( ), there is more Sun is doing to help in the World.

As covered in CNET News Sun has teamed up with the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) for a round the world disaster warning system.

So very cool.

Wednesday Jun 08, 2005

A place to work, with purpose

For a long time now I've been trying to figure out how my job and my personal interests (passions) can  match up. Starting as as kernel developer in the '90s, it seemed like my work never really made a difference in peoples lives. Sure I got the kernel memory allocator to run 10% faster and it improved a benchmark by 1.5%, but what did it really do to better people? When I cam to Sun I started with the Solaris Install team, thinking that install is the first experience that a user will have with the operating system. Again we did some great things, some really hard things (like upgrading from Solaris 2.2 to 2.5), but again I did not have the satisfaction of really helping people. As time has gone on, I've thought less of how to impact other people, at work, and looked to helping through other channels. Like leading Alpha classes, working on Habitat for Humanity projects, and helping my my kids sports teams.

Last week after the StorageTek announcement. Scott McNealy came to our Broomfield campus for a town hall meeting. There he spent time talking about his new passion of eliminating the digital divide. Something in his words, emotion and energy really struck me. How cool is it that Sun is thinking about how to really help the rest of the world. I'm excited about the possibilities and even more excited that I'm working for a company that want to innovate, share and help!

Here I am writing about the OS I love. Trying to show other people how cool the innovations are in [Open]Solaris.


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