Monday Sep 17, 2007

Sun Application Server 9.1 / GlassFish V2 are being released. (FCS)

  Cool - Sun Application Server 9.1 is released. ........

  Java EE 5 SDK Update 3 now is released which have included Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 (FCS - final release). And this is based on GlassFish V2 which have clustering support.

  If you are interested download from this URL and it is FREE.

  (Free! for Development and Production)


Tuesday May 08, 2007

Telco Real Time Application Server at JavaONE 2007

Telco Real-Time Application Server is coming.....
  • Real time control and visualization of conference calls
  • VoIP Based audio integrated with an Ajax front end
  • Based on Java EE 5 and SIP Servlet Technology

Cool Stuff.........

Wednesday Aug 02, 2006

Building GlassFish on FreeBSD, too...........

Glassfish on FreeBSD

Yes, you could build the Open Source GlassFish on FreeBSD platform, too.

Since I have build GlassFish on two version of FreeBSD (6.0 and 6.1) from scratch; therefore, I think it would like good to share my experience on how to do it. Following is just a quick note on how one could build Glassfish on FreeBSD.
FreeBSD or other BSD will be just like another UNIX (POSIX) platform (Solaris, Linux, Mac) that could build and run GlassFish.

Glassfish on FreeBSD
How to build GlassFish on FreeBSD.
[Read More]

Friday Apr 28, 2006

How to set "jvm option" or "system properties" in GlassFish or Sun Java System Application Server?

  You could either use asadmin command "create-jvm-option" or "create-system-properties" .

For example:

    i) If you want to set environment variables "ORACLE_HOME=/export/oracle" for the appserver instance to refer. In appserver, it would use "create-system-properties" command..

        Sample syntax for the command to add system property:
        /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver/bin/asadmin create-system-properties --user admin --passwordfile /tmp/adminpasswordfile --host localhost --port 4849 --target your_server ORACLE_HOME=/export/oracle

    ii) If you want to set JVM option.

        Sample syntax for the command to add jvm option:
        /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver/bin/asadmin create-jvm-options --user admin --passwordfile /tmp/adminpasswordfile --host localhost --port 4849 --target your-server \\\\-Dcom.sun.jndi.ldap.connect.pool.protocol="plain ssl"

a) create-jvm-option sets the variable for the jvm.   User would use this command to change the heap size, profiler and other VM related options see:

b) create-system-properties sets the <system-property> element in the domain.xml.  The variable is also set in the vm but at a lower priority.   User can also set this to overwrite default values set in the config or domain level.

If you need more detail on the variable on Glassfish or Application Server please see the following URL:  for a more detailed descriptions between jvm-option and system-properties.

Wednesday Dec 14, 2005

The Aquarium - Blog for project GlassFish

Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server Blog for project GlassFish - The Aquarium

And what is GlassFish ? GlassFish is Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server .

The GlassFish community is building a free, open source application server which implements the newest features in the Java EE 5 platform (the next version of the J2EE platform).

Home of  GlassFish Community @ -


Wednesday Oct 05, 2005

Another milestone for Sun Java System Application Server in JES 4

Another milestone for Sun Java System Application Server (SJSAS PE/SE/EE)

Sun Java System Application Server  - Standalone  (SJSAS PE/SE/EE)

Sun Java Application Platform Suite - Platform Suite

Other detail information links:
Sun Java Enterprise System & Sun Java System Suites
Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 - Get the Software
Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 - Serious Software Made Simple

Another proud delivery.


Monday Oct 03, 2005

GlassFish is the way to go..........

Way to go - GlassFish Project GlassFish - Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server

Using cvs to browse the "Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server"

I love it.
Way too Cool..............


Tuesday Aug 16, 2005

Great Idea

Great Idea..... Great Idea comes from some idea. Small idea comes from you mind. By now, you should know what to do. Hyau

Wednesday Feb 09, 2005

Nice Work for J2EE community

  Cool !!!

  The latest Java Enterprise System (2005Q1) is shipping now.

  And the latest release of the J2EE 1.4, production ready, totally free (for development, production and redistribution) application server:

  And these are what I have been working for with the many smart people and teams in the whole last year.


Wednesday Sep 15, 2004


Isolation is not always a bad thing, but it helps to solve some issue. But it may also create other side effects.

Tuesday Sep 14, 2004

Buying a house vs Building a product

Buying a perfect house vs Building a perfect product Answer is: Location, Location, Location. vs ? , ? , ? I am still looking for...... " ? " -HYau

Saturday Sep 11, 2004


Change is usually good, but not always.

Tuesday Aug 31, 2004

To Be The Best

To Be The Best... It is not easy to be the best. It takes time and hard work plus ....... -HYau

Thursday Aug 26, 2004

AppServer from Sun is a core cool product.

I have been working in AppServer product for a while. I see the improvement during this time. I am very proud being part of the team and process. -HYau

Wednesday Aug 25, 2004

First Weblog

Hi everyone,

Weblog is a good idea.

It is very "Cool".

Homer Yau

Some information, writeup and thoughts about Java, JavaEE JavaSE, GlassFish, Open Source, Exalogic, Xen, xen hypervisor, Cloud, Elastic, OVM , OEL, OVS, Virtualization, Platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Applications, Cloud computing, and even free software .....


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