Finance | October 3, 2017

How More Agility Leads to Greater Revenue Growth

By: Lynne Sampson | Managing Editor


Here at The Modern Finance Leader, one of our key themes is the need for “finance agility.” The reason is simple: research has shown that finance agility and positive revenue growth are intricately linked.

Earlier this year, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Oracle surveyed 500 finance professionals across North America. The resulting research, Agile Finance Revealed: The New Operating Model for Modern Finance, uncovered three main characteristics that identify an agile finance organization:

  1. Better information to predict the future
  2. Greater efficiency through automation
  3. More influence to drive business outcomes

In one of the most important outcomes of the research, we found that businesses with agile finance teams were significantly more likely to achieve positive revenue growth: 89% of organizations with agile finance teams reported positive growth, vs. 63% of those with non-agile finance teams.

In an upcoming series of webcasts, we’ll take a closer look at profitability, agility, and how finance leaders across particular industries can take steps to achieve both.

How CFOs Lead Their Companies to Achieve Optimal Profitability

Few CFOs would disagree that their companies aspire to increase profitability while minimizing costs. But many companies struggle to identify the best ways to sustain profitability; examples might include offering different discounts to different segments of customers, or employing activity-based costing to justify the use of resources for specific products or services.

Advances in cloud-based technology are accelerating the speed at which finance leaders can gain visibility into, and capitalize on, such opportunities. Attend this CFO webcast, in which we’ll look at:

  • How finance leaders can combine a variety of pricing, customer segmentation, and cost management methods to increase profitability
  • What finance leaders should keep in mind when looking at new business models, such as subscription-based services
  • Best practices for applying new systems to recognize, and act on, new opportunities
  • Register now for the CFO webcast

The Path Forward: Inventing and Winning the Digital Future, Today

If you’re a finance leader in the retail world, you’ve seen the industry undergo a blistering pace of change in recent years. Disruption has created new threats and opportunities that will realign the marketplace and determine tomorrow’s winners and losers.

Which one will you be?

Join Retail Leader to gain perspectives and insight into the forces shaping today’s marketplace. Learn what it will take to be successful in this increasingly disrupted landscape. We’ll explore:

  • The forces causing epochal change in consumer markets
  • The impact of technological disruption on the path-to-purchase, driving new means and methods for manufacturing, marketing and merchandising
  • The need for a re-invented supply chain, serving today’s digitally-engaged shopper
  • Practical steps for drafting a blueprint and journey map to the future
  • Register now to attend this Retail Leader webcast.

Pursuing Agile Finance in Financial Services

Banking, insurance, and other financial services sectors are facing increasing levels of disruption. CFOs continue to experience unprecedented challenges and opportunities—ranging from regulatory and cost pressure, to finding new revenue sources and responding to the digital economy.

In this American Banker webcast, you’ll hear panelists from AICPA, Accenture and Oracle discuss how the CFO is becoming a key partner to the enterprise. Today’s CFO is seeking financial and predictive analytics throughout the business, in an effort to provide the C-suite with the insights and support needed to execute against their digital strategies.

Learn how the cloud can provide the systems and technologies to enable this vision. Register now for this session with American Banker.


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