OracleNext Podcast | July 18, 2018

How AI Is Changing the IT Architecture Landscape

By: Roland Smart


Face it: Many people fear artificial intelligence. AI, they worry, is taking jobs from humans. Or worse, if they take their cues from movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or the more recent Ex Machina, they've come to believe that self-aware software will end up plotting against its erstwhile human overlords.

AI optimists, on the other hand, argue that AI technology will automate away drudgery, freeing up people for more fulfilling labor. Then there are the realists, including those who can spell out how AI will affect business technology and the workplace.

On this edition of Oracle Iconoclasts, we have one such realist in Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, who talks to hosts Michael Hickins and Barbara Darrow on a range of topics, including:

  • How AI will take much of the error-inducing busywork out of data center management, as well as manual labor in other fields.
  • How tech has evolved to the point that applications are no longer confined to corporate server rooms or data centers.
  • And on a related point, why IT professionals need to know what’s going on with the Internet infrastructure that's “out there” in the wild—beyond their firewalls.

The CIOs’ view of tech must widen because they no longer know where their users might be when they access the company’s Internet-based services. And that’s why tech execs should be interested in Oracle’s new Internet Intelligence Mapwhich lets them check out how the Internet is (or is not) working around the world.

So please tune in to hear from York, who came to Oracle via its 2016 acquisition of DNS provider Dyn, about how the Internet age has opened up new opportunities and challenges for those who create and run business software.

Read more from York on why businesses must deal with Internet volatility.

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