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What’s Hiding In Your Closet?

Guest Author

By: Angela McMinn - Sr Hotel Implementation Consultant

So many times in today’s world we’re looking for the latest and greatest. We have the mentality of, “I’ve got to have it because it must be the best”. Sometimes though, pulling out that classic little black dress from Chanel and seeing what accessories you either have in your jewelry box or need to purchase to bring it up to date for the season, is the better option. So what are you not using in OPERA PMS today that you could be so that you’re competitive in the market and maybe only have to upgrade your accessories?

1) Email Folios

I live in Colorado and supposedly we hug trees and are environmentally friendly out there. Well I’m not really and the truth of the matter is that when I am traveling I actually lose my papers, forget where I put my receipts, but even more often I lose my hotel folios. In OPERA version functionality has been introduced to allow for automatic emailing of guest folios at the time of guest departure. As a guest, I would simply indicate to you, the hotel, that I want it emailed and if you have an email system – then it comes right to my inbox.

2) Data Extraction

Have you ever wanted to know who stayed in your hotel during a particular time frame? For my former hotel it might have been for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. What about finding out how many guests stayed more than X number of times to provide “Welcome Back” letters? How about printing beautiful labels for groups that you were pre-registering? All this and more can be accomplished through our Data Extraction module. The results of these queries can be merged into Word or Excel with form letters for mailings, etc.

3) Dashboards

I was recently in Scotland on holiday and spent more time at Tesco than I should have. It’s like 7-11 in the US…a one-stop shop for EVERYTHING! You can get toiletry items, food, beer, books and crisps. I loved it. Well in OPERA you have the same thing and it’s called the Dashboard. Everyone has their favorite, and I’m partial to Dashboard 3. It allows me to book a reservation, change it, check in the guest, post to them and check them out plus all the fun ‘OPTIONS’ that come along with it.

I can also add a host of additional menu options that I can link to like Blocks, Room History, Profiles, Report, A/R and many more!

4) Run Reports to File

So many times I go to hotels to review their operations and find that they are manually re-keying data into or typing into Word…that’s manual work and I don’t believe in that (ask any hotel I’ve visited). It comes in ever version of OPERA and has been there from the start – the ability to run reports to file. It’s simple and easy and my preferred method is to save it to pipe “|” delimited and import it into Excel. Revenue managers build pivot tables, Finance teams do all kinds of crazy stuff like custom billing and Group Coordinators create custom rooming list. This also means there is no need to write any custom reports in OPERA because can take two, three or four reports and combine them into Excel and make them exactly the way you want.

5) Package Module

Last and definitely not least is PACKAGES!!! There is so much in the Package module that you can do and automate for the guest, front office, revenue and accounting. When you layer in Item Inventory and Rate Management functionality – you have a tool set that allows you do just about anything Sales and Marketing can come up with (as long as it equals zero )

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