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The Promise of Guest Data for the Hospitality Industry

Leura M
Director of Product Management at Revinate

When Revinate launched a decade ago, the guiding principle was that hoteliers should be in the business of managing guests, not rooms. Our founders spent a lot of time talking to hoteliers and discovered that while the hospitality industry is incredibly impacted by guest satisfaction, loyalty and experience, hoteliers were essentially running their businesses using inventory management systems. Though that’s great for managing rooms, it’s not guest-centric. And it doesn't get to the heart of what makes hotels successful.

Marc Heyneker, Revinate’s co-founder and CEO, explains, “We looked towards the future and could envision a core new system to help hotels not only manage their rooms, but also their guests. We dug into that thesis and looked at other industries that have become more customer data-centric, from enterprise sales to online retail, and saw that the same promise also exists for hospitality. There was a huge opportunity for an industry obsessed with its guests.”

Guest data exists in every nook and cranny of the travel journey, from the first website visit to the post-stay survey. It's constantly being updated and refreshed but most of it is going untracked and unused. The reason? Bringing guest data together from across disparate systems and merging profiles while eliminating duplicates is extremely hard. And that’s a problem. You see, guest data isn’t valuable by itself. It becomes valuable in how you use it to delight and excite guests, to get them in the door and keep them coming back.

So how can hoteliers make the most of guest data?

The answer is the Rich Guest Profile. A single place to view everything you know about the guest. Revinate’s data engine easily ingests, cleans, merges, dedupes, secures and organizes guest data from the PMS and other hotel systems into intuitive profiles. Revinate integrates seamlessly with OPERA PMS, allowing Oracle customers to easily leverage their PMS to power a smarter, guest-centric approach to their business that can lift revenue and profit. By bringing together data from OPERA and other sources using Revinate’s platform, hoteliers are finally able to build richer, more personalized relationships with guests.

When hotels can unlock the power of their data, they can use it to power great guest experiences, both digitally and at the hotel. (For example, through microtargeting their guests based on interests, spending, location, or any number of factors.) These more personalized messages have been shown to result in much higher engagement and yield more direct bookings. 

This connection can work both ways and result in some exciting new ways of serving guests. What if front-desk associates could access everything they needed to know about a guest checking-in with one click of a button? A Revinate/OPERA connection could allow them to click right into the guest’s rich guest profile straight from the reservation and get immediate insight into that guest’s preferences, stay history, NPS score and much more. It allows front-desk associates to personalize the check-in experience for nearly every guest.

But that isn’t the end of the story. What guests spend on their room is only half the picture. To get a full understanding of a guest’s behavior, you need to pull in spend data from the PMS and be able to see the date of visit and total spend for that visit. You can then use that data to segment and drive more business, or build loyalty tiers, as well as personalize each guest’s on-property experience. For example, if you see that a guest is a big spender at the spa, you may want to provide more spa offers or have a spa amenity waiting at check-in.

The one-of-a-kind platform combines multiple, interoperable, guest data solutions to become smarter and more powerful over time as richer data is added, synthesized and analyzed. This makes it essential for any hotel that wants to become more guest-centric, as it empowers hoteliers to make data-driven decisions. More importantly, it allows hoteliers to be better at what they love: delighting guests. Revinate powers the guest journey – from communications to experiences.

To learn more about Revinate’s guest data platform, visit Revinate.com.


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