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Reimagine Hotel Dining By Improving Service Delivery

Oliver Sergeant
Marketing Administrator

Speed of service. Quality of service. These are some of the main factors that separate good restaurants from the bad.  Until now, kitchen printers have been essential to that process. However, using obsolete devices makes little sense, especially if they are limiting performance. Upgrading to Oracle’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) doesn’t just mean eliminating lost tickets or improving sustainability (saving paper and ink costs), it means revolutionizing kitchen efficiency and possessing the power to make changes on the fly. Oracle Hospitality’s KDS means fewer mistakes, speedy and better service – a perfect combination that inevitably produces happier guests and staff.

KDS instantly display order information on an expeditor screen as well as station screens – meaning orders are never misinterpreted, mishandled, misheard or missed. It also orchestrates precision timing for meal preparation and delivery sequence – for example, when using Simphony’s coursing feature, KDS will automatically display the entrée orders as soon as the chef completes the appetizers. If customers are unhappy with their meal, they also receive swift attention; KDS enables a replacement meal to be bumped to the top of the priority list – ensuring customers are well looked after. Paired with customer-facing tablets that can take orders at tableside and instantaneously send them to the kitchen, KDS minimizes delays of any sort and helps increase table turnover.

One of KDS’ most important features is its reporting capability. Every ticket processed through the system is recorded, gathering data such as elapsed time from order to completion. With detailed documentation, operators can identify which station is performing best or worst. Managers and chefs can not only monitor important information in real time to ensure their kitchen is running smoothly, they can analyze data for a macro view of operations – and even make comparisons with other locations.

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