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Oracle Open World Europe: 5 Key Take Aways

Oliver Sergeant
Marketing Administrator

Oracle is once again at the heart of innovation and collaboration, hosting one of the most anticipated technology events this year - Oracle Open World. This one was slightly different to the usual; it took place 5,350 miles east of California, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Oracle handed its very first Open World Europe to London – Quite a distance from the world-famous tech-hub San Francisco. Oracle Open World Europe was a place in which organizations built professional relationships, displayed exiting technologies and discussed the future across all industries: Retail, manufacturing, financial services, technology, the public sector, and more. I was lucky enough to travel to Oracle Open World Europe with an ‘Outsiders’ perspective, an Oracle Hospitality Marketing Intern immersed in the vast technologies of the future – Here are my top 5 take-aways.

1. Exciting Innovation

Since my short time working for a huge tech company I have been surrounded with a wide range of software and hardware, it’s clear now more than ever to see that innovation has always been a cornerstone for everyone at Oracle. This was increasingly obvious at Open World, Oracle continue to innovate in every industry and at an amazing rate, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Whether it was in networking sessions, the auditorium or on the main floor, there was a vibrancy and joy in what everyone was exhibiting – I found myself walking around the Excel Centre with a smile on my face, seeing a combination of passion and innovation everywhere I looked – Knowing that Oracle play such a huge part in that really puts my internship into perspective. 

2. Oracle Open World’ Success

The UK’s American cousins kindly handed some of the reigns to Europe – Helping connect Oracle with their European customers and showing the strength of Oracle’s extensive network across the globe. Oracle Open World Europe’s success bodes well for the future of other Oracle Open World events – Soon enough to be held in Dubai & Singapore, spreading innovation far away from the West - Middle East and Asia. Oracle Open World offered a bit of everything, exhibiting vastly different technologies: Virtual reality, augmented reality, block-chain, supply chain management, renewable-energy, 3-D printing, smart technology, robotics and so much more. Personally, I believe Oracle Open World Europe has done the US equivalent justice and is something that I strongly believe can be replicated in the Middle East and Asia.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology

There were two prominent technologies that I found to be the backbone to so many organizations that are striving for innovation and further operational success - Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology. Elements of these technologies could be found in every businesses strategy and future plans, after speaking with so many Oracle customers it was clear to them where the future lies. Artificial intelligence and Cloud technology capabilities are driving change in the business world and society as a whole. The organizations that are starting to utilize the potential of these technologies will be at the helm of the next technological wave – shoulder to shoulder with Oracle.

4. Oracle’s Collaboration

Something that’s new to me was realizing how many businesses work and partner with Oracle – Whether that’s using our software/hardware, integrating with our solutions or being a prime sponsor at our worldwide events, relationships never fail to form. I never fully understood the impact that Oracle has on so many people; I underappreciated the commitment that Oracle has to shaping a better future. The common saying “There is no I in TEAM” could not be more appropriate - Working with diverse organizations, sharing knowledge and resources to build a more technologically advanced, efficient, safe and sustainable world.

5.Hospitality Presence

This conference was focused on Oracle’s horizontal technology and applications that are used across multiple industries.  Oracle’s industry applications are showcased at industry conferences hosted by Oracle’s industry units.  Being an Oracle Hospitality intern, I was looking for the vibrant presence of the Oracle Hospitality industry team.  Oracle Hospitality will be hosting its user conference in March, so there were no Hospitality product exhibits or sessions at this conference. After watching the day one morning anchor keynotes I was left inspired, parts of which briefly mentioned the Hospitality industry and specifically MICROS Systems (not Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Food and Beverage). Hospitality/Food & Beverage offer technologies in property management systems and point of sales systems, if there is any section of Oracle that impacts the customers more directly than anyone else it’s the Hospitality and Food and Beverage GBU’s. The solutions that Oracle Hospitality offers directly impacts people nearly every day of their lives – Oracle Hospitality would have fit right in at Open World, showing Europe that we are market-leaders in every area, especially in Hospitality.  

My experience of Oracle Open World Europe was an extremely positive one; it’s not every day you get a first-hand glimpse into the future! Here’s to all the innovators as they challenge limitations, design new technologies and make future possibilities the present. Let’s hope for the same next year!

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