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  • August 24, 2014

Putting Your Data to Work: OPERA S&C and Central Sales - 5 Insider Tips

Guest Author

By: Ina Baeumer, Senior Solutions Manager, Hotel

When I was still working in hotel sales I was always interested in understanding the full scope of a client’s production. How much did they produce in free independent travelers (FIT) and group bookings? It would have been helpful to see numbers together and sometimes split, but even better on one report or one screen. I would have loved to utilize Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales & Catering (S&C) or Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cenral Sales back then to be able to run reports like FIT vs Groups as well as Totals. Without an integrated system, however, something was always missed somewhere.

Luckily, hoteliers today have access to these tools and are able to use them to their full advantage. Here are five tips on how to make Oracle Hospitality OPERA S&C and Oracle Hospitality SFA work for your hotel.

1. Account Overviews. Get a quick overview of YTD production of a specific account or hierarchy by checking out the Account Production Dashboard. For example, if you want to see how much Oracle is producing for your hotel, access the dashboard for the account. If subsidiaries of Oracle are also booking in your hotel, set up the Master/Sub Relationship between the profiles, and with one click of a button you will be able to see the production FIT vs Groups and Total for Oracle and all of its subsidiaries.


2. For Chains. If your hotel is part of a chain, connect all your properties to a central instance with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Central Sales. Now you can see the production of one account split by FIT vs Groups for all or select properties in your chain.

3. Get Specific. Do you want to drill down to details? Set up a Forecast Potential for the account and load the production you are expecting. Oracle Hospitality OPERA S&C and Central Sales will automatically track every reservation linked to an account or one of its subsidiaries. The actual screen and report will give you a breakdown by property, month and days of the week.


4. Know the Source. Did you ever wonder how your accounts are booking? Are the bookings coming in through your website, global distribution systems, phone, email, or other 3rd parties? Check out the Account Statistics report and look at the production of your account by source, origin, or market code.

5. Know Your Revenue. And my favorite option of the Account Statistics report: view which travel agents are gaining you the most business and which reservations were placed without an agent. The report shows the production of the account and then lists all travel agencies linked to the reservations and groups. You will be able to see how much account production is received from an agency and how much is received without an agency (read: free of commission). Filter the results by all travel agencies and by company to see for which companies your top agencies are booking.


Add Oracle Hospitality S&C Advanced Reporting into the mix and create your own dashboards, reports, and graphs with the fields and filters to your preference. The Oracle Hospitality OPERA S&C and Oracle Hospitality Central Sales options are priceless for sales managers to be able to see the production of their accounts. With one click of a button retrieve your statistics and become much more informed on the intricacies of the account!

Want to know more? We will be happy to show it to you in action! Email us at oraclehosp_ww@oracle.com for more information.

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