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OPERA Cloud PMS: It’s all about delivering exceptional service – consistently

Tanya Pratt
Associate Vice President, OPERA Cloud Strategy

It’s a problem many hoteliers know all too well: Your guests’ profile information is stored in your property PMS and other key data about them is stored in a CRM system, food and beverage platform, ERP and central customer database (if you have one). To provide the most-personalized service, your staff needs that complete guest profile.

But all too often, all the information isn’t readily available. Or they might access it only on some occasions, failing to do the complete job repeatedly.

Such inconsistency is damaging to your brand. Because there’s nothing worse than setting guests’ expectations – and then disappointing them.

In today’s marketplace, meeting – and exceeding – customer expectations is virtually the only way to guarantee success. Which places a premium on achieving consistency and a hotel property management platform that can deliver it. With its cloud-based centralized system, OPERA Cloud makes doing business easy, ensuring that the right staff gets the right information at the right time. It’s the key to delivering exceptional, personalized service, time and time again – not just in the same hotel but across an entire portfolio of properties.

The importance of that capability can’t be overemphasized, because it’s certainly not the norm in the marketplace.

Too often, hoteliers must cater to the lowest common denominator. In other words, any global innovation initiative is “capped” at the obsolete capabilities of the portfolio property that has the most-dated technology. If your weakest link is saddled with the top features of two years ago, then the rest of your properties must operate at that antiquated level to maintain consistent service. It’s the quintessential illustration of holding back progress.

OPERA Cloud addresses that challenge not only by accelerating innovation but consistently delivering its benefits to properties across the board. Arguably, it’s one of the most-important attributes of cloud-based technology. Centralized control and continuous updates mean hoteliers can simultaneously capitalize on new services and initiatives – rather than wait for on-site updates to occur property by property in laboriously slow fashion.

Similarly, cloud-based solutions can efficiently integrate mobile technology, providing yet another way to consistently improve service for guests. Mobile devices untether staff from the front desk, allowing them to cater to guests anywhere, anytime. That can eliminate the universal complaint of guests: long lines at check in and check out. By using mobile technology, staff can check in VIP guests, for example, as they’re being escorted to their rooms. Housekeeping and maintenance staff also can use mobile devices to receive real-time updates, prioritizing urgent or special tasks.

And by safely keeping details of guests’ stay in robust, cloud-based profiles, staff always has access to information they need to create one-of-a-kind personalized experiences for guests.

There’s no better way to consistently delight – and consistently avoid disappointment.

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