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Cruise | December 31, 2014

Mobile Technology at Sea Part 2: Accelerating Ship Processes and Efficiency

By: Ioana Blaut

In part one of our two part blog series entitled, “Mobile Technology at Sea, Part 1”, we featured a week in the life of a cruiser and how mobile technology can make for smooth vacation sailing (excuse the pun!). In addition to enhancing your guests’ cruise experience, mobile technology can also improve and make easier the jobs of your staff, crew, and of course the heartbeat of the ship: the cruise director.

Using the Oracle Hospitality Cruise Smart iCrew app, crew members can browse relevant guest information related to their responsibilities as well as message their supervisors in real-time right from their smart devices. Supervisors can instantly forward maintenance requests with detailed instructions, the technical team can quickly process and monitor work orders, housekeeping can track completed staterooms in real-time, and Shorex can monitor tour sales and status and much more, all of which greatly increases cruise operational efficiency.

In addition to increasing staff and crew efficiency, mobile technology at sea can also benefit the ship’s cruise director. Guests have in their mind an image of the cruise director – the life of the ship who’s at every event and activity, a brand ambassador, the voice over the speaker – and much more. What guests don’t typically see, however, is all of the director’s behind-the-scenes responsibilities: scheduling events and activities, communicating daily programs to staff, crew, and guests, delivering amenities to staterooms, luggage tracking, responding to guests, etc.

With the right technology, the cruise director can spend more time with guests and less time in the office. He or she can monitor guest comments or complaints and immediately react if needed, quickly send messages to staff members, and also verify the number of guests on board vs. shore-side at any time while in port (helpful in organizing on-board activities) – all from a mobile device. On an embarkation day, the cruise director can also monitor check-in statistics as well as guest and visitor counts in real-time which helps with scheduling announcements as well as managing any crowd control issues. With help from the right technology, the cruise director contributes to increased productivity on board by providing crew members with relevant guest-related information and exceptional service to guests.

Whether it serves to accelerate ship processes or enhance guest experience, mobile technology at sea allows both the cruise employees and guests to better enjoy their time on ship. Want to learn how Oracle Hospitality Cruise solutions can increase efficiency and enhance the guest experience? Visit our website for more information.

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