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Lending a Hand: Hospitality Leads Relief Efforts

Tanya Pratt
Associate Vice President, OPERA Cloud Strategy

With corporations ceasing business travel and consumers canceling vacations to shelter in place, the hospitality industry is enduring unprecedented challenges. Yet despite the adversity, our colleagues and partners are rallying to help those in need.

Hoteliers and hospitality companies always have served their communities as places to gather. But today, they are filling that role in a completely different context: Caring for the sick. Comforting frontline workers. Sheltering the displaced. Their inspiring efforts are defining hospitality’s contributions in the fight against COVID-19 by:

  • Filling a new role: As the pandemic overwhelms the capacity of medical systems, hoteliers are taking on new roles as hospitals and safely housing patients in guest rooms. In addition to transforming hotels into makeshift care facilities, hospitality staffers are providing food service, housekeeping and other support tasks.
  • Protecting first responders: As the frontline of defense for public health, healthcare workers take incredible risks, and hotels are opening their doors to them. By housing doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, they are providing peace of mind to first responders, ensuring that they won’t expose their loved ones by returning home after long shifts.
  • Support at sea: To ease pressure on hospital systems in coastal cities, cruise lines have volunteered their ships to provide desperately needed beds.
  • Preserving social distancing: Patients with mild COVID-19 cases who do not require hospital care and individuals who may have been exposed face another predicament: how to self-quarantine without putting loved ones or roommates at risk. Hoteliers are offering lodging to help those displaced by quarantine restrictions. Hotels in Chicago and elsewhere have helped ease the strain on hospital quarantine units by transforming operations to take in those who need to be isolated.
  • Donating food and goods: Businesses, even those that have been forced to close temporarily, are making a big impact. For example, casinos are donating thousands of pounds of food to local food pantries and others are providing urgently needed supplies such as gloves.

In addition, industry organizations such as the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) are contributing through projects such as Hotels for Hope, a database to help industry businesses connect with those in need.

At Oracle Hospitality, we are proud of and grateful for your efforts. And we are committed to help you serve others.

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