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Indian Wells Tennis Garden Innovates With Oracle Hospitality

Want to know how Indian Wells Tennis Garden feeds over 400,000 fans from over 35 different food and beverage outlets during the BNP Paribas tournament? Watch this video and find out!

This task seems nearly impossible given that the venue is able to do this in an only two-week long tournament period. Just ask Philippe Dore, Media and Marketing Director at Indian Wells Tennis Garden, home of the world famous BNP Paribas Open. By working with Oracle Hospitality to implement a custom solution, the immense 54-acre venue was able to serve more guests at once, cut down on wait times and improve overall efficiency.

“Oracle is a key partner of ours, which allows us to serve the fans better. We can get them what they need fast,” says Dore of the partnership. One of the products that increased speed of service for Indian Wells was the new Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310. The sleek, compact 10-inch designs of the point-of-sale device allowed concessionaires in the stadium to serve more guests in a smaller space. By increasing the amount of fans able to order at once, queues and wait times are reduced and sales are increased. “The 310 is really a game changer for the stadium and arena market. It’s smaller form factor and easy to use and integrate, which gets the fans through and back out into the action,” explains Dan Bell, Oracle Hospitality’s Vice President of Sports & Entertainment.

Another key aspect that Indian Wells focused on was creating a solution to serve players and media personnel quickly. The bustling tournament fills the venue with hundreds of thousands of fans, which can make it difficult for media and players to quickly dine between matches. The Oracle Self-Service Kiosk was the perfect solution to install in the media lounge to streamline service. “Media as you can imagine is important to us. There’s a ton of media coming from all over the world, they’re busy, they’re on a deadline and they have to move fast. So the Kiosk is key”, explains Dore. The sleek, modern Kiosks reduce order and wait times by allowing guests to easily complete an entire transaction virtually, without the need for labor. “They can go type in what they want, and the order is waiting for them at the restaurant,” says Dore.

Just as serving fans quickly and efficiently is crucial to stadium experience, maintaining a fully integrated venue is equally as important. By using Oracle Hospitality Simphony Point-of-Sale, Indian Wells is able to run all operations, from concessions to suite-level service to full-service restaurants, from the Cloud. “Being on the Cloud server, we’re built to adjust as we go. If there’s a change in the menu somewhere, everything is in the Cloud so we can make the adjustment without interrupting service and efficiency,” says Dore of the solution. Not only does Simphony Cloud react to new innovations in payment and service with faster deployment, it also is totally customizable to venues of every size. Bell explains, “It’s very scalable, it can scale from two workstations up to a full-size stadium and arena like this with over 300 devices and workstations.” Managing a venue of Indian Wells’ size may seem daunting, but the easy and scalable Simphony Cloud POS greatly simplifies this for stadium operators.

Ultimately, Oracle Hospitality has enabled Indian Wells to create a unique solution that keeps their amazing venue running smoothly. With new innovations focused specifically on the sports industry, venue operators don’t have to worry about the IT portion of their business, making it much easier to manage events and focus on what really matters – hosting a successful event and taking care of the fans.

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