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How to Generate Content for Your Hotel’s Online Communications and Social Media

By: Michaela Brandl, Corporate Communications & Social Media Specialist - EMEA

Today even the smallest hotels have Facebook and Twitter pages and sometimes Instagram and Pinterest accounts too. “Content is king” is something we often hear, and many hotels have embraced the numerous opportunities to share insights from behind the curtain on their websites, blogs, and social media profiles.

At the same time, some of you may be asking, “Do I even have enough content to share with my audience on social media? What is worth sharing?” After all, not all hotels have dedicated resources that feed the hotel blog twice a week with compelling content which can then be easily shared on the social accounts. Especially in small individual hotels we often find persons with several job roles at once and thus only having very limited time to create content for social. So where can hotels find content? And what should this content look like?

Create high quality content which supports your brand and fits your audience’s needs.

The content you share on social media should be consistent with your brand, in line with your overall communications strategy, and it should target the needs of the audience you want to address, i.e. your (potential) guest. You won’t want to gather fans who are only interested in the iPad you raffle, but fans who are likely to book a stay at your venue and/or will recommend it to their peers. Of course, with Facebook’s targeting options in paid ads you can reach your key target groups really well these days. Nevertheless, what counts most is really good and relevant content. Nobody is waiting for you on social media! Meaning: no one is waiting for you to spread your marketing messages on social networks. To become a valued member of the community, you have to deliver added value , instead of just talking about how great you are.

In the course of this article, we will be focusing on smaller hotels who may not be able to invest signficant advertising budgets on social media. Regardless, the following also holds true for large hotel chains with extensive social media marketing budgets: you need to have really great content in order to show guests that you are committed to engaging via social media and keep guests interested..

How content curation helps you service your audience.

Don’t just think about what you would like to tell your fans. Instead, think about what might be of interest to your target group. Rather than solely sharing content from your hotel website or always talking about yourself, give your audience broader (yet still relevant) information from other news sources that might spark their interest.

Called “content curation”, the additional relevant content delivers added value, gives your target group a good reason to subscribe to your social channels, and saves you time. When you link not only to your own blog articles but also to very good and helpful third party content, you have instant content to share with your audience without having to write a blog article twice a week, which many smaller hotels do not have the resources for anyway!

Some Content Ideas for Your Social Channels:

When curating content, view yourself as a service provider to your community. The following are some ideas for content that can provide added value to your guests and potential guests:

1) Events near your hotel. Maybe there is a street festival in your neighborhood which you think might be a nice event for your guests to visit. The local newspaper wrote about it on their website? Why not share this tip with your fans and followers?

2) Restaurant recommendations. Even if you offer full board, your guests may want to eat outside of the hotel too. Why not make some recommendations for great restaurants in the neighborhood?

3) Tourism tips. There are numerous sources for tips on what to visit as a tourist when you’re in town. Help your guests and share information on “must-sees” in your region.

4) Tips around your core USP. If you are a business hotel, you could provide your fans and followers with tips around working mobile, thus delivering service tailored to your target group and at the same time showing that you are a hotel that knows the special requirements and demands of its guests.

Those are only some few tips on how you can find and curate valuable content for your audience on social media. Do you have additional ideas? Feel free to reach out at oraclehosp_ww@oracle.com.

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