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How Mobility is Changing the Way Hoteliers Service their Business

Guest Author

By: Sophie Talbot, Sr. Director, HGBU Hotel Presales

As Oracle Hospitality OPERA Mobile is deployed, it is amazing to think how mobile devices are notably changing the way hotel customers do business. I have, at some stage of my life, worked in just about every position the hotel business has to offer. I realize throughout my participation in the deployment of Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud, all of the new ways that department options can change and grow when incorporating mobility. Now I am not solely focusing on mobile PMS, but also Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Vacation Ownership, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Central Systems and CRM. Each and every role has responsibilities that require the staff to get out from behind their desks.

Let's begin with Housekeeping. Back in the day when I was in the linen room prepping the attendants’ trolleys (or carts for those here in the US) or as a floor attendant, I was expected to remember each room’s specific bed type - whether it was a king, queen, twin or double. I remember being shouted at by my head housekeeper because I could not recite each room number with the associated bedding configuration. Now, if only I had a real mobile device and not just a pager (you old timers remember the height of mobility back then…), I could have immediately seen what the bed type was, if there were any maintenance requests, and whether the guest had checked in or out.

The innovative Oracle Hospitality OPERA Mobile’s Task Companion function helps room attendants by suggesting which room to clean next, using a logical order. Housekeeping no longer runs the chance of disrupting guests on a Saturday or Sunday morning while trying to find which rooms to clean. Immediate updates are sent via the Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud portal so that supervisors no longer have to move through the halls or talk with loud radios for the means of communication…Think of how many less disturbances occur for sleeping guests.

Now let's move on to the Maintenance or Facilities team. As a young Duty Manager, my General Manager had a passion for burned out light bulbs. One of my duties during the course of my shift was to patrol all of the light bulbs in public areas. If you can believe it, I would use a pen and paper to jot down the location of burned out bulbs and then go back to my desk and call the requests down to the maintenance team. With Oracle Hospitality OPERA Mobile you can enter maintenance requests directly into your mobile device so that your hallways always receive the perfect amount of light!

I worked in hotels of all sizes. In the smaller properties the Manager On Duty is often the General Manager, who often has to jump into various roles. (I once met a family on arrival, checked the same family in, served them drinks in the bar that evening, cleaned their room the next day and checked them out. They asked on departure if I was the only person who worked there!) All joking aside, that was a weekend where unfortunately most of the staff was out sick. As most of you know; however, the MOD is responsible for everything. Sometimes they even have to meet conference organizers to confirm their BEO orders, walk the floors to find room service trays not picked up, or sometimes perform a Sales look-see for potential customers.

Now back in the day, if I would have had the option of using a mobile device to review or change conference setup and BEO needs on the go, track where all the room service trays were lingering to alert room service for pickup, search for ‘show rooms’, check availability for function space and rooms with new customers; while of course monitoring reservations, front desk and sales statistics throughout the day, I would have been the most efficient MOD in town.

As you can tell we are very excited about the possibilities that OPERA 9 mobility is giving our customers – check out our Oracle Hospitality OPERA Mobile video and stop by and see us if you are at HITEC Booth #301 from June 24-June 27, 2013!!

Find out more about what Oracle Hospitality can do for you! For more information contact us at OracleHosp_ww@oracle.com, Phone: 866.287.4736 (US and Canada)

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