Steps to a Successful Hotel PMS Install

By: Angela McMinn, Sr. Hotel Implementation Consultant

So you've made the leap and you're replacing your hotel’s current PMS (Property Management System)! You've got the Aston Martin, Christian Louboutin, Rolex or Chanel of the hospitality industry, but you need to make sure you have a successful install or you may as well have bought off the rack and gone with the model from 10 years ago.

So what can you do to ensure a successful OPERA installation?

  1. Complete your Pre-Installation Guide or PIG as we like to refer to it, BEFORE your implementation team arrives to your hotel! Your success is greatly affected by the proper completion of this documentation. Please do not print reports out of your old system - it's not OPERA!
  2. Take full advantage of the Project Specialist that is assigned to you - they are there to help and guide you! If you have questions about your PIG - they will coordinate a conference call with a consultant who can answer your questions or provide a demo to better explain the functionality.
  3. If possible, schedule your first day of LIVE in OPERA on a heavy turn-of-house day. Seems crazy right? If you spend that first day checking everyone in and everyone out then your line employees will pretty much have the system figured out on day one and we'll find anything that we need to fine tune immediately. You want us there supporting them - answering their questions and helping them get the experience they need to be the most successful. There is nothing worse than watching a front desk have nothing to do in the new system for a week knowing that eventually they'll have questions when we're gone. There is only so many practice exercises they can go do. :(
  4. Plan for overtime! Your staff will be sitting through 4 hours of my training class plus working their normal shifts for you. They will also have to enter all your future reservations before we go live so plan accordingly and communicate this to them in advance!
  5. Have snacks in the training room – it’s a small thing but shows your staff that you care and recognize that learning the new system is important to everyone’s success. Remember your staff is putting in a lot of time and hard work. Most trainers like pastries and cookies, coffee and soda but you would make me happier and keep their blood sugar stable if you did fruit and veggies :)
  6. Remember that there is a reason you’re replacing your current system. OPERA is fully customizable and your installer is the expert at making it work for you, but please do not try to make it your old system because it’s not. Look at this as an opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology to rethink the way certain processes are performed to reach a specific goal. Too many times people try to reproduce the exact same processes/procedures they have in the current system in OPERA and then wonder why it takes 30 steps. Tell us what you want the end result to be and we’ll help you get there the most effective and streamlined way.
  7. Take a day off before we go LIVE!!! You’ll have worked a ridiculous number of hours getting ready and you’re going to work a ridiculous number of hours before it’s over. If you’ve followed our advice and stayed on track during the install then you’re ready and can take a break before we go live – and you deserve it!
Most important – Listen to your installers’ advice! This is what we do day in and day out – every day. We know what needs to be done for a successful installation and want you to succeed because when you’re successful, we’re successful!

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